Just catching up..

This post is just to catch up with a few things 🙂
I have been given the latest award by a few more girlies.. thank you so much! and i really appreciate it! Hope to add your names to that post asap.
I mentioned that we went to the cinema on Sunday and went to see kung Fu Panda.. OMG, you got to see that film, the kids really enjoyed it and I thought it was FAB! lots of adult humour in there too.. and could honestly say that I would watch it again (and again!)
Some of you know that I had my hair cut short (well, short for me that is!) last week and couldn’t get used to it.. infact.. Hated it!
Didn’t even dare to take a pic of it.. and ordered hair extentions straight away!!
But.. I’ve kinda got used to it a little bit and have been brave..
Here is a pic of me.. with shorter hair, wasn’t brave enough to be in there alone so had Jinx (my Ragdoll cat) to keep me company 🙂

No cards or projects to show just yet.. but will have a go at the spoonfull of sugar challenge tonight and have been busy making a LO for SI scrap challenge, obviously I can’t show it yet, but it should be in the October issue of Scrapbook Inspirations out in the shops in September .. Yay!

Have a great evening all!!

Marlene xx


25 responses to “Just catching up..

  • Nikki

    Your hair looks gorgeous Marlene and I love your beautiful Ragdoll cat. We used to have a Ragdoll called “Dolly” – yes I know so orginal. I’m cracking on with my projects but haven’t had time to join any challenges this week which I am missing 😦 Huggles, Nikki x

  • Janneke

    I like your hair Marlene ….. and what a beautiful cat you have.
    I looked at your cards and there are beautiful 😉

  • Sue Lumber

    Beautiful you and the cat wish my hair would grow that long mine just grows out not down!!! I like it. Sue :o)

  • Debbie

    Your hair is gorgeous Marlene it really suits you.

  • Rach

    oh Marlene, Your hair is beautiful….you look stunning.
    Big thumbs up here!
    Gorgeous cat!
    Hugs rach.xx

  • Karen

    Hi Marlene, I think your hair looks really good. I love the cat also – soo cute and cudly.

    Karen x

  • Donalda Cox

    Girl !!!!!!!!!!! Your hair is gorgeous !!!!! I know it is different for you after having long hair but girl it looks awesome. I do love it. You don’t need any extensions, It is gorgeous !!!!!!!!

  • Caz

    Don’t know what you were stressing about woman….it looks fab and you look gorgeous… You better not have extensions by the time I see you!

  • Jane

    You silly girl…!!!! You look absolutlely great. But must ask this question…why did you feel you should have it cut in the first place????

  • Elisabeth Bell

    Marlene, you are still so gorgeous!! Nope, I don’t think you need extensions – short(er) hair actually brings out your face more, and you have a beautiful one! You should show it off!! Hee-hee!


    Elisabeth xx

  • Kristine

    But Marlene, you DON’T need extensions at all! You look fab with that haircut;)
    I love it!
    Have a lovely day and wave your hair girl!!!!

  • jacqui

    I like you new hair cut Marlene, it looks lovely, and your Cat is beautiful too. Do not bother with the extensions Girl.
    Hugs Jacqui xx

  • carole

    Great hair style Marlene…really suits you…….love Jinx!

    Carole 8)

  • Sandra

    Hoi Marlène, Ik vind je haar super zo! Lekker hip! Staat je super! Je hebt trouwens ook een prachtige kat zeg! Maar wat ik kwam doen eigenlijk is je vertellen dat je van mij een Award hebt gekregen. Je hebt hem waarschijnlijk al maar toch verdien je hem van mij ook nog 😉 Liefs, Sandra

  • Claudia

    Hi Marlene,

    your hair style looks so beautiful, great.

  • Debbie

    Great hair, beautiful cat, you don’t need extensions, you’re so chic.

    Debbie xx

  • Katharina

    Marlene, you look lovely. I don’t think you could ever look bad!!! Great new haircut!!!

  • Bernie

    Shy girl! You look fabulous with the new “do”! I subsribe to that mag…can’t wait to see your work…I know it’ll be fabulous! You’re getting to be a right crafty “celebrity”now heehee…I bet your family are sooo proud of you! bx

  • Ruth

    Hair looks great to me, can I have your cat please? I want one like that to go with my maine Coon

  • karine

    hé Marlene , kort of lang het staat je allebei . het is wel effe wennen voor jou natuurlijk maar het mag er zijn wees gerust !!!

    groetjes Karine

  • Anki

    I understand that it must feel strange if you have had long hair for a long time – but you have to face the facts – IT LOOKS GREAT! You are very beautiful – so don’t hide – your new look is PERFECT!

    Warm regards from a sunny Sweden (we are hoping for some heat again, since vacation period is coming up)


  • Maria

    Wow, wat een leuk kapsel Marlene, staat je heel goed!! Mooie foto ook, zo samen met je kat!

  • annie

    you look younger with the short hair! and what a fabulous cat. annie x

  • Kerryn

    Marlene, i just wanted to say you look beautiful with your new hairdo!! happy belated anniversary. gorgeous cards on your blog as always!

  • Sonya

    Your hair cut is stunning and so are you!

    It really suits you!

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