Amazing Card *Ü*

Hi.. I’m back 🙂  and this is the card I spoke about in my earlier post!.. isn’t it gorgeous?

Jane contacted me via email and we’ve been chatting a little here and there.. then she showed me a couple of her cards telling me that she has never shown her work to another crafter before and she wanted to know if I could comment or give an opinion on it.

The card above has been hand drawn by Jane.. Yes.. I can hear you gasp.. I did when I seen it, the details are just stunning, from the little monkey’s hands on the twig to the toes of the baby trying to climb over to see his animal friends!!  The colouring is done with water colours and again I think this so finishes the drawing off beautifully!

I really think you have such a talent Jane, thank you for showing me and allowing me to show it on my blog!

Big hugs,

Marlene xx


19 responses to “Amazing Card *Ü*

  • Nikki

    This is fabulous! Get yourself a blog Jane so I can see more of your amazing creations! Hugs, Nikki x

  • Jane

    WOW! WOW! I am truly gob smacked !!I really cant believe one of my cards are on a fellow crafters blog !! Thank you so much Marlene for showing it. Jane xxx

  • mar1ene

    Lol Jane.. what are you like?? and Nikki is right.. you definately have to get yourself a blog of your own!! 🙂

    Hugs, Marlene x

  • linnie

    Wow I just love your card have you ever thought of designing stamps are making your designs as downloads for sale to us lesser mortals.


  • Kathy

    Adorable!! The whole concept and idea of this card is too cute! Really!! I so love that the tree is the #1!! Nice work Jane!! AND yes you should get a blog!!

  • Diane

    Jane, wherever you are – your card is fantastic.

    I agree with everyone else – get a blog and show off your work – it won’t be long before all the offers will come rolling in – you’ll be invited to join so many design teams you’ll not have time to draw breath!!

    I love the idea of the tree being the number 1 – so cute for a baby’s first birthday – well done*******

  • jo

    Wow, it must be good, thought it was one of yous til i read the post!

    The no1 is such a fab idea!

  • Claudia

    holy cow.
    i acutally came back to take a look at the card you talked about – and it is sooo worth.

    jane you are very talented!! no need to doubt yourself. 🙂


  • Simone P.

    The drawing is great! Start a little’s fun! I just started you can do it!

  • Heather

    Wow!! It is great. She should show her stuff more often.

  • Heather x

    Wow Jane! with detail drawing like that you should think of making your own range of stamps made…I’d buy them 🙂
    Thanks for showing Jane’s work, Marlene 🙂
    Heather x

  • Sue

    As soon as I saw the card I thought what a fabulpous stamp – I want it. Then to read that it was hand drawn … well. Jane has to have a Blog. As a new blogger, like Simone, it is a do-able thing and great fund …. and as Heather says – I’d buy the stamps if Jane was to make them. Great stuff ….

  • debby4000

    WOW if only I could draw and paint like this I would never have to buy another stamp again

  • Elizabeth

    Jane, you are a really artist!! It’s a lost not showing your work.You’ve to make a blog or something.

  • Caz

    WOW….Jane is one talented lady…wish I could draw like that.

  • Jane

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I have never ever believed in myself, but this has given me the confidence to draw more of my own designs for my cards. In the next few days I will be setting up my own blog, so I will need to get my thinking head on and maybe a little help from Marlene LOL . It has been so wonderful to read about other peoples lives and their love of crafting I hope we can all become great friends. Many thanks to you all. Jane xxx

  • M.

    Hand drawn?! OMG…. A work of a real talent, absolutely beautiful! I’m really looking forward to visiting your blog, Jane.

  • craftyc

    What a super fantastic card, its great!!

  • annie

    she is certainly a talented lady! those details and cute faces are adorable, and the idea for a 1st birthday card just fabulous. annie x

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