Question Time…

Ok.. here we go..

I know I am really spoilt and have a lovely craftroom all to my self, we have a bungalow type house and my room is just oposite to the lounge and I can just nip in and out when watching the kids, the telly or being on the laptop doing my blogging 🙂

As mentioned before, I have really had a go at my room today and can finally see my desk.. Yay!.. and the floor for that matter.. to memorise how it should be like all the time I’ve taken some pictures.. lol  ( you can click on them for a larger view)

Now.. last summer we had a little garden house build, with the kids in mind.. but they are really not using it to its full potential and I’ve been thinking about using it as my Craft-shed for a long time..

I wanted to get some opinions on if it would be practical to have my craft space away from the house.. there is electricity and heating.. it’s just that at the moment it’s so easy to just pop into my room and still be involved with what is going on..(phone, cooking, postman..etc)  if I had to go to the garden house, I’ll be away from it all.. On the flip side.. I won’t get disturbed, and there is loads of space.. even space to put a bed if i fancied a sleep ova!! lol

So my question is.. Should I stay in my room in the house… or…. Should I customise and decorate the Garden Craft house to my liking, add desks and my cabinets and then be able to use my now craftroom as a spare room for when friends and family come over to visit?

I would love, love to hear your views on this.. I really don’t know what to do..

Many thanks in advance,

Marlene x


29 responses to “Question Time…

  • Jane

    Well…!!! I am soooooooo jealous. If it were me I’d have both LOL

  • Pauline

    You already can take off to your private craft room in the house. When inspiration comes, you don’t have to travel to the bottom of the garden. Besides, the kids will only follow you there if you move, lol.

  • mar1ene

    hmm.. good point Pauline 😉 but then i can put loads of signs up like.. “private” and “Keep out” or maybe “Creativity alert!!” LOL
    somehow I don’t think the kiddies will take any notice whatsoever!!! haha

  • Kathy

    I would keep my craft room where it is and you can just teach classes in the little house outside!!! (LOL)

    It is an awesome idea to have a seperate quarters for crafting only but I know my kids would only follow me!!!

    Good luck figuring this one out!! Have a nice week-end!

  • natalie wallace sequin

    Hello Marlene! WOW! WOW! WOW! What acraft space you have there, very neat and tidy I have to say!

    I’d suggest to move all your things out and into your garden shed. That shed looks brilliant darlin’! You would be very thankfull to have a spare room free for family and visitors to kip overnight!

    Thanx for leaving a lovely comment on my Wedding Acceptance cards! Very kind of you . Shall add you onto my blog list on my blog as it loks great! Keep up the good work and i’ll be back to leave you more comments and have a beter look through as i am off to bed now!

    TC Natalie x

  • Marilyn Cline

    Well, why not have your cake and eat it, too?? Go ahead and redo the garden house, to be used for crafting, or teaching classes, or having your friends over for a crop, but also have it fixed up to be used for overnight guests, such as friends or family. You’ve got a cute little house there, you might as well use it to its full potential!!

  • Linda Hyldahl

    Wauv Marlene – what a great room you have there and all that strorage place you have. I’m amazed. I want my living room to look like that!!! About the garden house I think Marlilyn has a great point there.

  • Christa

    Wow Marlene, wat een geweldige ruimte en ik zou lekker blijven zitten waar je zit!! De kids gaan je absoluut achterna, met of zonder verbodsbord op je deur … LOL!!
    Ik zou, als ik jou, was het tuinhuis gaan gebruiken voor het geven van workshops … ik ben de eerste die er eentje boekt … dus dat logeerbed kan gewoon blijven staan!
    Nou meissie … ik hoor het wel hè?

    Fijne zondag! Ik ben weer aan het werk … en dus tijd voor een rondje bloggen!

    Je kaarten zijn trouwens weer helemaal superrrrrrrrr … as always!

  • deb

    I am drooling over your craft room, it is so beautifully organised! I wouldn’t ever come out!
    The shed – very tempting, the peace and quiet would be fabulous (I am so needing this just now as it is school holidays)…..the flip side is you can’t just pop in to do that finishing touch when you are in the middle of cooking the meal ( i am always nipping in and out of my craft room while doing other things) also think about the winter having to pop in and out in bad weather.

    How about having 2 craft spaces, the best of both worlds. I would use the shed during the summer hols (haha) and use the house during the winter!

  • annie

    I wish I had your craft room! much as it would be nice to have somewhere for folks to come and stay with you, it’s so easy now to pop in and craft whilst keeping an eye on the rest of the happenings in the house! I like the idea that you could use the shed as a ‘teaching area’ though, and if that took off then maybe you should move out! What else would you do with the shed though .. ..? annie x

  • Mel

    Marlene, you are so lucky. I think it depends on the age of your children. If they are of the age that you need to keep an eye on them I would stay in the house. ps can I come and play? :0)

  • Sarah

    Wow!! I am so jealous of your craft room and all your stash!! Can I come and play, it might help me get my mojo back!
    Personally, I would keep the room in the house and, as othe people have suggested, use the out house as somewhere to teach or have group sessions.

    xx :0)

  • Maria

    Wow Marlene, ik ben jaloers 😉 Wat een te gek, gave, geweldige scrapruimte heb je!! Heerlijk blijven zitten, je kunt zoals je schrijft vanuit je room alles in de gaten houden en tussen de bedrijven door even snel wat doen. Ga je naar het schattige huisje dan komen je kids je inderdaad wel achterna, want dan is het interessant 😉 Het huisje gewoon gebruiken als gasthuisje voor logeetjes, dat zal zeker gewaardeerd worden! Succes met je keuze!

  • Janneke

    Hihi ik in het engels denken hoe ik het zal schrijven, maar je natuurlijk ook nederlands 😉
    Ik vind je kamer helamaal super … maar als ik in jouw schoenen stond, ging ik mijn kamer verhuizen naar het tuin huis 😀
    Succes met kiezen 😀

  • Diana

    wat een leuke discussie, maar inderdaad een vreselijk dilema…..alhoewel ik ook je kamer zou laten waar die is en evt. workshops geven in je “tuinhuis” ennuh ik geef me ook op hoor, gezellig samen met Chris ;o) kweet alleen niet of je ons wel wil *lol*

    suc6 met beslissen

  • Maria

    Ooooh, Marlene, I’m green with envy. Your craft room is awsome, and so organised! I would definitely keep crafting in the house for the moment as it would be so handy for quick creative moments. Maybe you will need the garden room as a craft refuge when the children are older, but it would be a wonderful idea to use it as a teaching or crop studio in the meantime.
    Maria xx

  • Jovi

    Marlene your craft room is wonderful… I’m so jealous. You have to tell me where you purchased the little container that you store all your pencils in… love that!

    Your Garden Cottage looks just as inviting, I think it would be harder to find time to spend there while your kiddos are still young!

  • CharlieDK

    I agree with the majority here – I would stay in the house – near the family too. BUT your other wee house looks so good that I can understand your dilemma.

    All the best.

  • Donalda Cox

    Oh wow girl that would be awesome to have a place all to yourself. But just me I think I would keep it where it is. Then you are not to far away from everything else.

  • Daan

    Hoi Marlene,

    Ik weet uit ervaring dat je gewoon moet blijven zitten waar je nu zit. Ik had ook een eigen plek bij ons boven en inmiddels is alles weer zolangzaam aan naar beneden verhuisd. En ik geniet weer met volle teugen. Want waar je ook gaat de kinderen komen toch wel, en zoals je al zegt je plek die je nu heb is super je hebt alles bij de hand en je bent toch lekker bij je gezin

  • Caz

    I would also keep it where it is. In the summer it would be lovely being at the bottom of the garden…but what about on cold dark winter nights….not so cosy then.
    At least keeping it in the house means you are still part of whatever else is happening with the family.
    I am jealous….but not long now until I can come and play in your craft room….hope you made a space for me!

  • emma

    hi Marlene….I have a workshop at bottom of garden…too cold in winter too hot in summer…plus the minute i’m down there the kids think of 500 reasons why they need me…..much easier in house

  • Rach

    gorgeous craft room Marlene, plenty of storage.

    Tough decision…
    i only moved from a downstairs room into the loft area, and it feels like i’m miles away from whats going on in the rest of the house….plus i have to go down two flights of stairs to get to the kitchen…hehe no nipping back and forth….(but i wouldn’t change it!!!)
    I would say It depends on your children…. age and how demanding they are.
    otherwise as long as you don’t mind not being attached to the house and having the convenience of just jumping to and from the kitchen lounge etc. then go for it…the summer house at the bottom would make a fantastic craft space….craft home!!!
    I know you say you have heating down there but you ought to consider air conditioning for the summer….(else your gonna bake!)
    good luck with your decision. hugs rach.xx

  • Simone P.

    You are so organized..your craft space is amazing!

  • Anki

    Well – now I know what to tell my husband to build for me 😉 I love your room, but a small house for yourself! Wow! But I would still stay in the house in the room you have today – just because it is closer to the rest of the family and they can pop in and out whenever they want something. If mom is away in her own hide-away – well…… But you can def. use it maybe as a small shop for all your nice cards and other creative things… Kramis – Anki

  • Angie Platten

    Wow, you are so clean and organized! I got my studio like that ONCE… and then I got so creatively frozen I couldn’t work for weeks. It was so depressing.. but my studio looked great! LOL! Anyway, I have wondered about the same thing. We have a storage shed out back and my husband has mentioned that maybe we could clean it out, put A/C in and it could be my studio. Well, like you, I have kids… so I have said no for the same reasons you are bringing up! At least inside, I can get something done even if it’s with interruptions! However, as my kids get older and require less attention, maybe I’ll move out. What would be ideal to me, is a studio separate from the house but connected with a hallway… a connected get-away! LOL! I dunno… it’s a hard decision.

  • Sam

    WOW WOW WOW I am sooo jealous, what a fab craft room!!
    I have taken over the utility room until one of the children leaves home (will have a while to wait tho as they are 17, 13 & 12!) My husband offered to convert the loft but I think I would feel isolated up there, and at least where it is, I can nip and do a bit of creating while the dinner is cooking!
    I need to sort out some storage, especially for paper, stamps, well pretty much everything in fact! I have old kitchen units at the moment and drawer units from DIY stores, so we are off to IKEA at the weekend to see whats available.
    I would stay in your lovely craft room if I were you, I know I would end up bring bits in to craft and spend a lot of time backwards and forwards. I am a late night crafter and would feel happier indoors.

  • mary Puskar

    Well, with younger children being in the main house is certainly advantageous. But when they become more independent I would think the garden house would be very appealing. A whole building for you!!! Dreamy! No disturbances, peace and quiet, a little music, a glass of wine and stamping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • manicstamper

    Ooooooh if it was me I would have that gorgeous garden room…it’s beautiful. Mind you I don’t have small children any more so maybe the house would be more convenient at the moment……as you say, you are nearby for everything.


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