Tilda & Co challenge ~28~

Started this card for the Tilda & Co challenge blog yesterday.. but my Mojo seem to have left me and now that it’s finished.. I’m still not too happy with it!

The papers are from BG and have used lots of bits from my stash.. the distressing has just been done with a bit of tearing and my nails.


Wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who left a message and suggestion on the scraproom post..

I think I’m leaning towards the majority of you and keep my room in the house as it is.. I think it’s the cold winter nights that are scaring me the most..lol, plus I can have the guest stay there, gives them some privacy too 🙂

Some questions & answers:

Why don’t you have both and do teaching and crops in the garden house? I really had to smile when I read this.. I’ve never thought about teaching, I’m still learning myself each and every day.. and I live way out of the sticks and don’t have any friends that live nearby enjoying the same hobby to have a crop.. but great idea though!  Sooo for all of you that wanted to come over and play.. I’d say..Come on over and you even be able to stay!!! LOL

Where do you get those containers from to sort your pencils?  They are from my fav. furniture shop IKEA, only 39p each and they also sell the railing, you can just hang them and take the container off if you want to use it 🙂

Thanks again all!!

Marlene x


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