So Proud!

You’ll have to excuse me tonight.. I’ve been an emotional wreck!!!

Cherise’s End of year Ball was such a succes and she had a whale of a time!

The head teacher said the class of ’08 was a joy to teach and they also had their SATS results today, which were the highest of the school to date!.. How proud am I ?? Cherise has had extra tutoring in English and writing, and  she managed to get above average on both.. she really has worked hard!

My little girl (only just 11) looks so grown up now.. but she is looking forward to whatever the future might bring and with the new senior school starting in September.. she is feeling unstoppable!

I love you Cherise!

Big hugs and kisses, Mummy!!


19 responses to “So Proud!

  • Donalda Cox

    That is awesome, you should be very proud and so glad you shared this with us. She is just gorgeous too.

  • Christa

    Geniet er gewoon lekker van Marlene, ze zijn zooooooo gauw groot!!
    En alle reden om trots te zijn hoor, het is een plaatje!

  • Elizabeth

    Echt een dochter om trots op te zijn!!

  • Rach

    ohh she looks absolutely gorgeous, Marlene and so happy.

    whooo hoo for getting a higher than average in her sat test, the extra work really paid off.
    I am not surprised that you are proud…..brimming over i expect….
    hugs rach.xx

  • carole

    Ooohhhh…she looks so beautiful Marlene…no wonder you are so proud and emotional. So glad she did well in her SAT’s and hope she enjoys her new school. My youngest leaves primary school on friday and is off to the high school in September…all change again! We’ve not got our SAT’s results yet!
    Carole 8)

  • Caz

    OMG….Cherise is like your double. She certainly looks like you. Well Done Cherise for doing so well on your SAT’s.

  • Poppet

    Well done you must be so proud…

    I have been following your blog for a while, and i have to say i am very inspired by all your cards, you are very talented and both me abd my girls love looking at your new creations….

    Take care love Pops x

  • Jill

    Marlene your daughter is very beautiful just like her mummy Jill x

  • Jane

    Well done to your darling daughter, she is the spit of you. This is only the start Marlene ! My daughter is now 18 and waiting for her A level results which are not due until August 14th…everything is crossed for her ! I remember when we were waiting for her G.C.S.E’s I think I nearly chewed my nails off !!!! LOL no worries there though she achieved 4 A stars & 5 A’s. Then there was the Driving Test…I think I wore a trench into the ground with all the pacing up and down I did. She Passed !!!**** Jane xxx

  • sue lumber

    Cherish is the image of you and you have every right to be proud. Now the fun begins growing into a young lady!!! Sue :o)

  • Frances

    Aww what a sweetie, she’s a mini-you! Congrats to her and to you, proud mum 🙂 You can both enjoy the summer hols now! x

  • Kathy

    Wow she looks older than 11!! AND she looks alot like you!! Congrats for her and doing so well on her SAT’s!! That is a good lesson that hardwork pays off!!

    Looks like she had a good time!! Her beautiful smile says it all!!! Congrats to the both of you!!

  • annie

    Congratulations to Cherise! and hugs for her wonderful Mum too! annie x

  • Shary

    Congratulations Cherise. Doesn’t matter how old they are they can still make you cry!!

  • jacqui

    Congratulations Cherise, and Marlene no wonder you are so proud of her, she looks beautiful,
    Hugs to you both Jacqui x

  • CharlieDK

    No matter how old they get – they are still our babies, so being proud and emotional is 100% OK.

    She is a very pretty young lady, your daughter. Tell her to have a fab summer and good luck with her senior years.


  • Ila

    And proud you should be!! Thanks for sharing…your daughter is not only Smart but also Beautiful!!

  • margaret a

    Marlene, your daughter is beautiful and so grown up. I hope she had a lovely evening. Well done to her for her results.

  • Lim

    Congratulations Marlene, you have an smart and a beautiful daughter. She looks like you in this picture.
    Big Hugs,

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