.. and we have a WINNER!!

Whoohoo.. this was fun!  I couldn’t believe how many of you played along and even I was getting nervous..lol  

This is what we did tonight..

Laurelle and me wrote all the message numbers on a piece of paper and cut them up.. (for everyone that linked back their # went in twice)







We scooped them all up into Jake’s hat and stirred well 🙂

(this is starting to sound like a recipe.. stir and leave to simmer..lol)





And then she just grabbed one and

 the number that got picked is…


Eventhough Laurelle wrote the #2 the wrong way around.. Aww 😀

Sooooooooooo the winner is..

Karen Sutton




Congrats Karen!!! Would you please contact me with your details as soon as you can and I will send your parcel to you!

Again, thanks to everyone for playing.. it’s been so much fun and will have another yummie Blog Candy real soon!



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