Friendly Invasion ;)

Well.. not really an invation!! lol.. It was such fun having Caz come over for the day with Georgia yesterday 🙂 Just to be able to catch up, chat, swap, create, eat, drink and generally have a fab time! 

Can’t believe we actually got some crafting done as we’re both so engrossed in each others stash.. haha!

The weather was on our side too.. and we had a lovely lunch in the garden centre.. (saved valuable crafting time not having to do the washing up!!!)


Georgia and Laurelle hit it off like they’ve known each other all their little lives, as you can see from the picture.. and they just played, played and played!! The girls have been jumping the trampoline, done some serious shopping 😉 done some gorgeous colouring and even made a start on making a necklace!

The time went so quick and we couldn’t believe it really was time to go home around 9pm! We’ll definately do it again and we can’t wait for the next meet-up.. 🙂



I will close my candy post at 6pm today.. and then it is time to randomly pick the winner and will announce it on my blog later tonight.


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