Weird Weekend

.. Really had a icky day yesterday and didn’t do anything at all, all day!!! couldn’t wait for hubby to come home so I could go to bed!!
so came 6.30pm.. I was tucked in and in dreamland soon after!

Got up nice an early this morning, can’t have too much sleep it seems and curled up in front of the Telly to watch the Olympic artistic Gymnastics.. Love it!
Still didn’t feel very creative and wanted to avoid my craft room.. sooo.. got to spruce up my blog instead!

Finally took the plunge and added CSS to my blog, so I could change more bits than before.. and then got to play in PSP to make the banner and animated blinkies 🙂
Quite pleased with it so far, might make some more changes soon!

I’ve also been given quite a few awards over the last couple of days and hope to put them up and pass them on soon.. when time permits!! and really want to catch up on all the new challenges out there!

Sorry I haven’t got anything to show at all right now… but do hope you have a fabulous week ahead!



20 responses to “Weird Weekend

  • Tiets

    Hee Marlene soms is het best lekker even op tijd erin duiken en zo weer wat bij te tanken hoor!!
    ook ik heb een enerverend weekend achter de rug maar probeer morgen weer de draad op te pakken!

  • Glitter Monkey (Lynn)

    Hope you are not coming down with something Marlene. Keep well. You have done a great job of your blog though! Lol Lynn x

  • mar1ene

    Hai Tiets, blij dat je weer terug bent en hoop dat je een fijn weekend hebt gehad! pakje is onderweg hoor!!

    Marlene x

  • mar1ene

    Thanks Lynn!!! 🙂

  • Brocéliane

    love the new design of your blog 🙂


  • Beth

    I’ve been the same, I think it’s this depressing weather! I love the new look by the way, it looks fab! I hope you feel yourself again soon! xx

  • Rach

    ooooh Marlene you have been super busy on your blog what a big difference…I think that it rocks…you are so clever with the blinkies and stuff…love your new header….Hope that you are feeling better soon….**huggles**Rachxx

  • Sharon

    Hope you’re soon feeling yourself again. I’ve an award on my blog for you. I know you’ve already got it but wanted you to have it from me as well.
    Sharon :-)x

  • kerry

    love the blog very creative just like you

  • carole

    Hope you feel better soon Marlene. Love your new look blog and header. Fab blinkies…wish you could give me some lessons!
    Carole 8)

  • Donalda Cox

    Wow love the new look gril, Hey we all have to have lazy days every now and then. So take it easy dear. Check my blog out here I made my first colored imaged card with my pencils and gamsol all thanks to you dear. Thanks so much

  • deb

    sorry to hear you have been under the weather, hope you have a better day today. Love your new look blog! Your talents are endless! Could you do a ‘pimp your blog’ tutorial for the clueless like me?

  • Bryony

    I love the make-over and the blinkies look great. I am feeling yucky today too so am curled up on the sofa chilling out while Jonny is working away downstairs! I think I can hear the sounds of him making me a cuppa – I could get used to this

  • Bernie

    woohoo…all changed round here…LOVE your sugar images! Since I love visiting here so much I have also included you for the latest award! bx

  • Maria

    Hoi Marlene, hopelijk ben je weer een beetje bijgekomen! Je blog ziet er mooi uit! Ik heb een award voor je op mijn blog, ik kom hier heel graag, je maakt prachtige kaarten! I love yoyr blog!!

    xxx Maria

  • Natalie

    This is such a cute card, i love the shade of orange you have used aswell =)

  • Renata

    Ik ben gewoon helemaal verliefd op je werk, echt geweldig. Ik kijk elke dag wel even of er iets nieuws op je blog staat *Ü*
    Ik vind je manier van kleuren prachtig en ben jaloers op je stijl!

    Hartelijke groet,

    Renata van Miltenburg

  • Claudia

    this is awesome marlene.
    first i looove your new elegant blog layout.
    second.. boy your card is awesome.
    i will print it and keep it as inspiration

  • Ruth

    This is a fantastic card, just read your article in Craft Stamper and have learned a few new things

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