A lil’ bit of .. Beading

Before I became hooked on card making, I used to make alot of jewellery and bead projects.. but find that I haven’t had much time for that.. with one thing and another..   I do want to show you a few things I’ve made recently… just a little change from looking at my cards 😉

Above is a everyday charm bracelet, made with swarovski crystals and tibetan silver.. eventhough it sounds posh.. I think this is lovely worn with jeans and you wouldn’t believe the sparkle that comes from the crystals 🙂

Now this is a much fuller looking bracelet and you really know when you wearing it.. it is quite heavy.. but I like to feel I’m wearing something.. incase it falls off or something.

The pink beads were found on various old bracelets that I found in charity shops or that people had given me.. took them apart and re-used them on this with tibetan silver beadcaps and spacers.



This phone charm I made with the most yummie glass beads, the are very simular to pandora.. but less than half the price!

Don’t you think the white bead with glass blown flower is just out of this world?   I also found a gorgeous square alpha bead with the letter M, set’s it of nicely.

Now that it is finished.. I find it too heavy for my phone, so might attach it to my mini crop-bag instead!





This Bag Charm hanger I made for the August feature of Craft Stamper where I used the sweet ebony image on shrink plastic

Cut up a chain in different lengths and attachted some catseye beads in between.

Finished it off with bits of ribbon.. et voila! you’ve got a nice bag (or belt!) embellishment





And last.. but not least.. I’ve been asked by quite a few blog friends on how DJ is doing!! and I finally got to updating his page with a couple more pictures 🙂  He is a little devil (but oh so cute!) and he is still in his mischievious and teething stage..

You can see him here:




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