Guardian Angels

My word.. you girls love these little angels about as much as I do 🙂

I’ve been inendated with queries today and eventhough I feel cheeky.. these are the facts:

  • Yes.. I have an ebay shop where I sell beads & spacers, it can be found HERE
  • no.. I don’t sell the guardian Angels or beads to make them in my shop.. but..
  • Yes.. They are available through me 🙂

The reason I don’t sell them in my shop is because I don’t have loads of these beads.. and me being a horder I was going to keep them all for my personal use.. haha!  So it really is a question of first come, first served on certain colours.

The angels are available in kit form (£1.00 each) or ready made (£1.50) plus postage, all I need to know is what colour and style of wing you prefer.

You can contact me through the link just underneath my picture on the linkbar on your right.

Big hugs,

Marlene x


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