Ciao, Arrivideci

It just gets better and better!!

After being sung to by my kiddies and a big white chocolate & strawberry cake I got to open my mountain of cards & pressies that Grant had hidden from me!! I’ve never, ever been so spoilt in my life!

So many gorgeous and lovely cards [and gorgeous gifts!] from my blog friends and I’m going to take pictures of all of them and show them on my blog really soon and I’ll email you all privately when I can but a big thank you to you all!!   the reason I’ve not got the time now is because……

I’m being whisked off to… VENICE, ITALY!!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine I’m all of a flutter, I’ve packed my bag whilst singing ‘Oh solo Mio’

We leave in 20mins.. so I leave you with a big Arrivideci and Ciao mi chachas.. be back late Sunday!!

Hugs ‘n hugs plus thousand kisses

Marlene xxxx


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