We’re back :)

Finally, I’m back here to give you an update!!

First of all.. feast your eyes on this yummie cake!! I have to tell you that it tasted even better than it looks, and to eat it at 7.30 in the morning!! lol

Oh.. and no I didn’t eat it all, but when we got back it was all gone!! 🙂

Then I got to open my presents which included a diamond ring/necklace and earring set, chocolates, j’adore parfum (my fav) photo frame, baileys and flowers.. wow!


 All through the week cards arrived and I want to say a big huge thanks for sending your special thoughts, wishes and making it all soo special!  Nikki, Rach, Caz (and for the extra special pressie!) Sonia, Carole, Donalda, Fran (thanks sooo much!), Gill, Jill, Clo (Merci!), Tiets, Annie, Katharina (Vielen dank fur alles!!), Ingrid, Diane (for the yum pressies too!) and Bryony (loved the choccies!!)

I’m making a birthday card album and will show when it is done..  Again,  THANK YOU.. MWAH! (big kiss) *Ü*



When I got given the tickets to Venice I couldn’t believe we were going so soon, and we had a stop in Zurich, Switzerland. Shame we didn’t have direct flights.. but it didn’t spoil anything.. part of the whole break was the flying plus the change overs where really quick!

When we arrived on Venice airport it was starting to get dark and we decided to take the water taxi (20mins) that dropped us off about 50 meters from the hotel (San Zurian), instead of the water bus (1hr 15mins) where we would have to stop everywhere and be dropped off at the Rio Grande.. So glad we did now as by this time it was dark and we didn’t have to search in a strange place.

After putting our stuff in the room we went for a little exploring and found ourselfs only two streets from the main San Marco square and all the hustle & bustle.. how fabulous is that?  We had a lovely (although very expensive!) meal whilst listening to the little orchestra’s playing on the square (oh so romantic!)

We could have walked along the little streets and over the bridges all night but after all the excitement of the day we didn’t want to make it too late, as we knew we would have a busy day ahead.

And busy it was on Saturday!! We got up nice and early and enjoyed a continental breakfast at the hotel, we got our map of the city and headed for the bridge of Rialto, visited the shops, markets and think we walked 15 miles.. (legs were killing me!!)

Ofcourse we had to have a ride in a gondola, brilliant way to see things you can’t see while walking.. and our gondola man was very informative in pointing out the special bridges, palaces and churches, given some history and even showed Casanova’s house!

Gorgeous meal at night time and spend the night just visiting lots of the fab winebars.

Again up early on sunday.. as we wanted to do the visits to San Marco Palace, oh my.. is this one impressive place! Being a sunday we had the chance to sit in on Mass, in the very impressive main hall.. all the walls and ceilings were covered in mosaic and pressious stones! There was no photography allowed, only on the big veranda when we went to the museum and top floor.


It was all amazing and when we were on the Bell tower (we were 60m up) there was a great view of the city.. all around. 

This next picture is of the famous Zodiac clock and couldn’t believe how apt this photo is.. if you look at the time (either side of the statue above the clock) it states the roman number 10 (X) and on the other side 10 (so it was 10 past 10 in the morning) and the dial was on the Libra, as it is the 10th month.. My Birthday is 10/10 and I’m a Libra (obviously) so I really treasure this photo as 1 minute later it would not have been the same!!

After a quick lunch we took the water bus (so great not having any cars at all in Venice) back to the airport ready for our flights back to Zurich and the UK

We have tonns more photo’s and will make a special album of this trip, it was truly amazing and am still so excited about it all.. It’s just been the best suprise weekend ever!! and I hope I haven’t bored you too much with this post! lol

Hope to be able to show you something creative soon,

For now big hugs n kuddles,

Marlene xx


27 responses to “We’re back :)

  • Brocéliane

    yes some news:) miam miam the cake,and Venice wow, great pictures and fabulous surprise, I am happy for you

    Big kisses

  • Diane W

    So glad you enjoyed.You are very welcome for card & lil goodies.
    Missed ya loads!!! :o)x

  • Caz

    Glad you are home safe and that you had a wonderful time. Looks and sounds like you received lots of gorgeous cards and pressies.
    Big Huggies

  • Sue Lumber

    Oh it looks like a totaly fabulous time and your photos’s are great,not one bit boring… it is so nice to share in your special surprise that’s one very thoughtful husband you have there he is lucky to have you! Sue :o)

  • Elisa

    It looks lovely.Glad you enjoyed yourself.I hope you dont mind but I was inspired by your christmas tree card and I have mentioned you on my blog.x

  • Anki

    Looks like you had a great time! Wonderful! You should have made an extra day in Zürich – you would have loved it (it’s feels like my hometown no 2, after living there for 2.5 years). My pressie will be on it’s – leaving Sweden tonight! Kram and once again – so wonderful that you had a great time. Anki

  • Deb Wood

    Sounds like you really got spoiled for your Birthday!! How wonderful!! TFS the pics and all the wonderful cards you received!

  • stardustgemsandribbon

    Wow, Marlene, you’re one lucky person…wonderful presents and cards. Venice looks beautiful.
    Carole 😀

  • Natalie

    awww such lovely pictures, I love the zodiaz clock. Looks like you had a really fab time there, im so jealous!! You are a very lucky lady!! xxx

  • Linda

    Wow Marlene the cake looks gorgeous! I am pleased to hear that you had a lovely time, but sorry that your card hasn’t arrived yet. I hope it arrives tomorrow, and is not lost. Your trip looks fantastic i have always wanted to go back to Venice. I went on a school trip when i was about 12, I didn’t appreciate it then. I have to say also that you look stunning at 40! I am glad you had the best birthday and was thoroughly spoilt, thats how it should be. Hugs Linda x

  • Rach

    oh you look and sound like you had a fantastic time…what a fabulous coinkidink with the Zodiac clock! awesome..what fabulous memories..so so happy for you marlene. hugs rachxx

  • Jane

    You Lucky…Lucky Lady. Your cake looked absolutely deeeeelish & so does your husband, oooops!!! did i just say that! LOL

  • Bernie

    Hi Marlene…oh that cake looks divine!! I could go a big slice right now!! I’m so pleased you loved your surprise trip…you managed to squeeze so much in too..well done!! I absolutely loved Venice when we visited a few years back…it stands out for me amongst all my trips! Wasn’t that amazing you managed to get that photo with the clock at the perfect moment…? Really mean’t to be for you I think!! It’s wonderful you were “spoiled” on your big day…nothing more than you deserved I’m sure! bx PS you make a very handsome couple!! bx

  • Moon

    Fijn dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad Marlene En 40 is zo een heerlijke leeftijd ( ik ben al jaren 40 )
    Ik vind je knoopjes kerstboom helemaal geweldig
    Liefs Moon

  • Beth

    Ooh Marlene, you lucky girl! I’m so glad you had such a nice time for your birthday!! I’m only a teeny bit jealous! 😉 xx

  • Nikki

    Mmmm that cake sure looked yummy Malene and so many gorgeous cards. So glad you had such a fab time and loved seeing your photo’s. Hugs, Nikki x

  • Nikki

    Sorry hun.. I shouldn’t type so fast.. Marlene!

  • Donalda

    Oh girlfriend!!!!!!!!! What wonderful photo’s. Man that is just gorgeous dear and what a gorgeous cute couple you two are. It was so nice reading the post and looking at the pics. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. So glad you had a wonderful time. You tell hubby he sure is one sweet romantic man. We don’t have those kind of men in the USA LOL Hugs dear

  • Maria

    Wow, wat een heerlijke taart! En gave foto’s! Prachtig weer en zichtbaar genoten! Vast een verjaardag om nooit te vergeten!

    Hugs Maria

  • annie

    so happy that you had a fabulous birthday Marlene! and Venice looks fabulous. hugs, annie x

  • Joanne

    Wow Marlene how very special, you have one great hubby!! Looks like you had an amazing time, love the pictures especially the one of the clock!
    Joanne x

  • Helena

    Oh wow, that cake looks fantastic!!! The pressies sound beautiful and the photos are amazing!


  • CharlieDK

    Welcome back home – sure looks like a fab trip. Well done to hubby for surprising you – nothing like some “me and you” time. Thanks so much for the little witch – I couldn’t have made the card without her and I really liked the end result and so did the little girl it was for.

  • Fran

    So glad you had a fab time Marlene, love all the photos, and that clock one really was perfect timing 😉 – thanks for sharing! Hugs, Fran xx

  • Heather x

    Sounds like you had a great time, Marlene :0) You have taken beautiful photo’s to remember your weekend. Thanks for telling us what a wonderful time you had.
    **Hugs** Heather x

  • Jill

    aww Marlene you look gorgeous , and I’m so pleased you had a great time and have so many beautiful memories, Jill x

  • Dawny P

    Hi Marlene xx Glad you had a great time darlin. Love the pics – thanks for sharing them with us. You both look fabulous I have to say xxxx

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