Happy Halloween!!

Was planning some crafting today.. but work took over all morning *How dare it!!* and this afternoon was spend sorting through my new Stampin’ Up! starter kit goodies as they arrived today.. Whoohoo!!  Will take a piccie of it tomorrow and show you *Ü*


We had to prepare for the Trick or Treating and ofcourse the scary party at the village hall..

All I heard all day is “when are we going?” “How many more minutes?” 

I love Halloween and get just as excited as the kids!! Wasn’t going to dress up this time, but the girls got me roped into it and am so glad I did now as we just had a fabby night!



The organizers of the party really done a stunning job at decorating the hall so fabulous! You had to go through a big balloon arch into a dark tunnel and there were all these monsters popping out from the wall!!

There was apple bobbin and a party disco.. plus the kids came home with bags full of sweets & treats!!

It definately was an evening to remember, such a shame that it was way to dark in there for me to take any pics on my phone.. I did try, but I didn’t wanna show you pictures with dark grey blobs.. lol


Hope you all had a fab Halloween if you celebrated it,

Night, night

Marlene xx


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