and am sooo sorry for my previous post!! *Ü*

As usual I’m a right scatterbrain before going on holiday (18 of December.. that seems a lifetime away!!!) and that post was set to go live midnight on the first of Jan.. We didn’t get back till 1am this morning so when I just re-read it.. it looks like I hadn’t even finished writing it.. haha, great start to 2009!

The altered notebook I made has already been given away as a gift.. and I didn’t even take a picture of it!! duh! so sorry about that but have a look at the amazing works the other team members have done with the challenge 🙂

I also never had the change to wish all my lovely blog friends a very happy christmas and the most wonderful and creative 2009!  I’d like to thank all those who took that special step and send me a card in the post, I love each and every one of them and will get around to emailing you all 🙂

The Holiday was absolutely fabulous! I love spending Christmas abroad and got myself a lovely tan as a pressy!! hehe..  I can’t wait to get my photo;s uploaded, but today is going to be spend with the mountains of washing, packing away, cuddling Jinxy, food shopping and hopefully phoning some friends.. but the phone is out of order… typical!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Missed you all!


Marlene x


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