Awards and Tagged


I have been really bad with keeping up to date with all the award I have received and with desplaying all the tags.. then when you get to put it on your blog I might miss some off.. sorry if s0me are missing 😦

so here goes 😉


My taggers were Carole and Beth  where I had to take the 6th photo from the 6th folder, show it and explain the pic..

This picture is of my younger sister [Angelique]’s daughter [Lieke] and she is holding my other sister’s [Ingrid] little kitten [called Promise] It was just the sweetest moment seeing Lieke share her Liga [biscuit].  I bet Prom is a big putticat now!!

That was a fun tag.. thanks girls 🙂


This fabby award I received from Jacqueline a little while ago..

dank je wel meis, zo lief van je 🙂


This next award I received from Suzanne, so special.. thank everso much  🙂


This lemonade award I got from my DT buddy and friend Tiets..

Ben er erg blij mee hoor 🙂 dank je wel!!


Last.. but not least I got this supercute giraffe from Suze,

zo lief meis, dank je 🙂


ETA: Got a gorgeous award from Denise too.. Thanks a million hunnie 🙂


Please check out all of these ladies blogs.. they do amazing work!!

Again.. if I have missed anyone out.. I’m so sorry, totally my fault for leaving it sooo long.

Have a great day,

Hugs, Marlene x


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