I’m in a mess….. Help!!


I’ve done it again.. I’m always so impulsive.. and now I’m in a right mess!

Some of my crafting friends [Caz, Sonia, Sarah, Kirsty!!!] know that I’ve never been  very happy with one wall in my scraproom.. the shelves were never centre [that is because I put them up myself!] and I find that shelves are great for showing stuff.. but not good storage solutions.. so basicly a big waste of space…. literally!

Sooooo, I finally got enough this afternoon and just chucked everything off the shelves.. plonked it down wherever I could and made up a couple of new cabinets I got from Ikea not long ago!

Now I’m stuck.. just look at this mess!!!!

   004 003





So now can you believe I’m in a real state..??!!

 I know I’m not the tidiest of people.. but this just takes the bisquit!!

I’m going to get the rest of those shelves off the wall [last photo].. move some cabinets and desks about and then hope to get my stash back into some sort of order.. wish I had someone to help me!!

any hints, tips, and even messages of support is greatly appreciated!! LOL

I did receive the gorgeous and beautiful Gorjuss stamps and they are begging me to be played with.. good job I can’t show any yet 🙂

If you don’t see me.. you know where i am.. and I might [note the might..] show you the after pics.. but I’m not holding my breath it gets finished anytime soon!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Marlene xxx


34 responses to “I’m in a mess….. Help!!

  • Sarah

    Wow, look at all your stash……………would not like to be the one sorting all that out though!!!!! It took me a whole weekend just to tidy mine and I wasn’t putting furniture together…………good luck!!!!

  • Glitter Monkey (Lynn)

    Oh hun you will be really glad you did all this when you get straight – you will have practical storage you can use. Hope you get sorted soon though so you can bring us more fabulous creations. Imagine having those stamps and not being able to play!! Arrrrggghhh!! Lol Lynn x

  • Anki

    Vilken härlig röra! Haha….. Förstår att du kliar dig i huvudet. Men du kommer att klara det här. Det kommer att bli superfint när det är färdigt! (Well – needed to give you something else to think of – than just the mess….hihi..)

    Kramis – Anki

  • Jeannette

    Marlene, sorry I’m not the best for giving advice in this situation, I’m still trying to sort my own out. Just persevere is all I can say, it’ll be worth it in the end. At least that’s what I’m telling myself LOL.

  • Diane W

    OOOO!!! I don’t do chaos,sorry can’t help ya,lol!!!!

    If I came to help you,You wouldn’t get anywhere fast cos I would be too busy nosying through all that yummy stash!!!

    Hope you get sorted soon,imagine if you had the dining room to craft in like me,lol?! :o)x

  • annie

    deep breaths, find the corkscrew and take it slow! well that’s what DH tells me when my arms are flailing and I’m moaning about the mess! best of luck, hugs, annie x

  • Sam

    Good luck!! I need to sort my storage out, would love some of those units you have but will have to wait till I win the lottery! Ikea opened a store up in Southampton today, about 20 miles from me, so guess I will have to take a trip there soon to see if I can get some better storage.
    Had some SU goodies delivered today, am off to play with them, will think of you sorting your stash!
    Sam x

  • marcea

    aw good luck hun, it will be done sone and you will feel great to be in such an organised space. If not, drink lots of lovely wine and you won’t mind as much :o)
    Can’t wait to see what you create with your new stamps

  • Kelly S

    Ok, well I understand your pain…my room is in a disaterous state right now too, but I will nto be showing any picts!! I am off to Ikea next week to get my storage units and more, so I’ll be right there with ya Marlene!! but just think of how much you will love it when everything is done!!

    Hugs, Kelly

  • Jilly

    mess ? call that mess lol you ought to see my space all 4’x4′ of it, now that is a mess lol.
    Good look on getting it all sorted it will be well worth it in the end

  • Yvon

    zou het de tijd van het jaar zijn, ik heb net afgelopen maandag mijn hobbykamer helemaal omgegooid.

    Geloof me je zult er uiteindelijk wel blij mee zijn!!

    Groetjes Yvon.

  • Kristine

    Oh dear;)
    Love all your stuff, but I see the problem with finding space to it;)
    Take a good nights sleep, and a deeo breath and over this weekend you might find the best solution for you;)
    Good luck!
    Hugs from Kristine

  • Andrea

    It looks like it is not as bad as you think. You will slowly find places that work better for you for some of your things, then everything else will start to fall into place. Cleaning out crat stuff is so frustrating, but once it is done, it is so much nicer to work in an organized area. I think your craft area is well on its way. 🙂

  • Janet

    too bad you didn’t live closer i would be right there!! lol GOod luck…keep us posted!!

  • Sharon Caudle

    hang in there girl! You’ll love it when it’s all done, no matter how long it takes. Good luck!

  • Elaine

    I want your room! I seriously need paper storage for my 12 x 12 papers…sadly as I am in a corner of the living room, it isn’t really practical to get any. 😦

    Have fun reorganising! 😉

  • Rachel

    oh Babes!!!
    take the shelves down build your cabinets then start at one end of the room and work your way round…..you’ll get it sorted.. and all your hard work will be worth it.. and you’ll feel all fluffy again!
    big hugs.xxx

  • Jules

    I am too busy eyeing up all the lush stuff in your craft room to notice the mess!!

    And I love how you have spelt “biscuit” as “bisquit”, thats how my little boy says it!!


  • steph

    Marlene – I’m looking & looking & I can’t see any mess – are you sure these aren’t the ‘after’ photo’s? lol I’m drooling over your room & and all the stash – is it possible for someone to have TOO much stuff? Nah – now I’m being silly LOL xxx

  • Caz

    LOL….Hey Missy, you better get that mess cleaned up by the time I arrive on Wednesday, or there will be trouble…afterall, I NEED to craft in your space.

  • StarDust Gems and Ribbon

    I’m sure you have it under control Marlene…you have an amazing room…can’t wait to see the after pictures lol! I’ve been sorting papers out today…making room for new ones lol! Must be something in the air making us have clear outs!
    Have fun!
    Carole 🙂

  • Arianne

    Ik voel je pijn! Ik ben bezig om mijn kelderkast (weer) eens goed op te ruimen en nu staat mijn hele huiskamer vol.
    En ik moet de hele dag werken, dus ik kan pas vanavond wat orde in de chaos gaan scheppen.

  • deb

    well done for making a start, it will be so worth while, would love to see the finished result!
    have a great day, Debx

  • yvonne

    I was searching blogs when i came across your STASH. wow , urm , rather you than me, i must say. but like many have said before, well worth it in the long run. cant wait to see what it looks life after.:)

  • Sue Lumber

    OMG its like a sweet shop for crafters so much gorgeous stash!!! It will be worth it manybe you can help with mine when you have finished!!! I keep trying but it never quite works. Sue :o)

  • tracy

    Wow marlene I am in awe of your stuff its a dream craft room I too would not be able to notice the mess as I would be to busy noseying lol
    I think one day you should put up who would like to win a day with marlene in her craft room this would be amazing.
    Only joking but I can see what you mean maybe and extension or some wall cabinets.
    Good luck be sure to sure us when you have resolved your craft crisis.
    Tracy x

  • clare

    the answer to your problem is…..swapping my dinning room table for your gorgeous craft room…lol a girl can dream..lol

    it looks amazing to me what ever the mess….im just so jealous,im still working on my hubby to do me a craft room..may get in 2012…lol or when my boys move out…only 5yrs and 10yrs…lol

    IKEA..got lovely storage ..so i hope you find somthing..and like others said..wall units,clear boxes
    i once asked my hubby for any ideas for storage of my craft stash…and he’s answer was ” black bag/bin liner”..lol you can imagine what i said ti him..lol

    anyway hope you get it sorted and will pop back to see pic of the end result.

    hugs clare xx

  • Heather x

    OOOHH I would love to get my hands on your stash…………..sorry I meant help you sort your stash *wink*
    All I can say is take each step one at a time and it will all come together like a jigsaw and then you can sit down and play again :0)
    **Hugs** Heather x

  • michele S

    Hang in there, I’ve just had a little 4×6 room off of my craft room redone for my paper trays and my wooden stamp cabinet and I’ve ripped my room apart to bring stuff into the little room, My Mess is as bad as your mess:-) Everyone is telling me it will get really bad before it gets better, I don’t know how much worse mine could get, I want to just walk out the back door and forget it, Haha but I am sticking to it and labeling everything I can:-0
    It will be worth it when you finish, I was going to put a couple of shelves above my units but decided to only go with one for now, and I have photo boxes Im labeling with my extra stuff like my reinkers, extra tapes and other stuff then stacking on my cabinet…. we want to see pics of the finished room:-)
    Michele spera

  • Isabelle Norris

    LOL Good luck Marlene!!
    Got to get to ikea here for more storage too!!

  • CharlieDK

    Been there – done that – would you like me to get you the Tshirt??? =0)

    I am off to Ikea this evening after work to get yet another shelf for “something” – but as everyone else said – you will be SO proud of yourself and SO happy with it all when the job has been done.

    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  • Leonie

    Hoi Marlene!

    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je kamer als hij af is, zet je er dan wat foto’s van op? Welke Ikea kasten heb je nu gekocht? Die kleine witte laatjes zien er ook wel erg handig uit! Zijn vast niet in NL te koop of wel??
    Succes ermee!

    groetjes Leonie

  • Craftyc

    Oh dear, if thats messy, then I’m in trouble. lol.
    Where did you get ll those filing draws from, its jsut what I need to get myself organised, less need to spread so to speak. Have fun with the sorting

  • karin

    En ik maar denken dat het bij een rommeltje was!!
    Niet het leukste werk, maar als alles straks zijn plekje weer heeft dan is het toch weer een stuk prettiger werken.

    xoxo karin

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