Gorjuss Candy

Morning Everyone!!

Just popped on quickly as I wanted to spread the word about my friend Caz’s delicious and gorgeous candy..

She has got a GORJUSS nintendo DS cover to give away.. its simply delish!!

So fly on by her blog and read all about it HERE …  Good Luck!


Never went to bed till gone half past one last night, busy plotting around in my room… Was so tired this morning and hubby had to drag me outta bed!!

Have to go to work now [so not want to go!!!] so hope to get some more sorted tonight!  Plus I have to go back to Ikea for some of the same [don’t mind that!! lol] and then it should be drill in one hand and screwdriver in the other!

Tell you what.. this moving around of stash and reorganising is great for finding things that I sorta forgot i had.. and also quite de-stressing [no pun intended] what with getting rid off lots of stash I know I’m never gonna use.. I might put it all in one big pile and see if I can give some away as RAK’s 😀

Hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are doing!

Hugs, Marlene x


9 responses to “Gorjuss Candy

  • deb

    It will all be worth it in the end, good luck putting up those new cabinets! You can never have enough storage!
    have a great day, Debx

  • Diane W

    SSSSSHHHHHH!!! Marlene!!!! Don’t tell everyone about Caz’s candy,cos I want it,lol!!!! ;o)x

  • Glitter Monkey (Lynn)

    Sounds like you are kinda enjoying yourself after all Marlene!! Glad you have a focus at this sad time for you and your family. {hugs] Lynn xx

  • yelowflower mo

    which cabinets are you using? I have a hard time with this puter, seeing pictures clearly. thanks

  • Sarah-Jane

    Good Luck, Nothing like a good sort out to inspire you tho ! Ikea have just opened in Southampton, Yeah!!!! Now we don’t have to drive from here to London for some storage inspiration- thank god. It will be worth it when it’s all finished and you can find everything you need.
    Sarah-Jane xx

  • clare

    good luck hun..glad to hear you found the solution..and its surprising what you find when you have a good tidy up..lol

    good luck hugs clarex

  • Eva Wikberg

    Marlene, your craft room is to die for, messy or not…lol…I have a measly little table under my stairs..bit like Harry Potter…lol…anyways gonna check out that candy now. Have a good weekend. Hugs Eva x

  • Rosette

    Wow Marlene… that’s fab!1 I’m sure you’ll be happy in the end with the result!! 🙂 You’re so creative!!
    Anyhow.. hope you’ll have fun using again what might have been buried away :)lol.. and lucky those who’ll receive that RAK!! lol

  • m.

    Oh my goodness! I just took a look at the pictures in your last post and please, may I just envy you for a little while? 😉 I’m usually in heaven when I visit the local craft shop but let me tell you, if I were to visit you in that craft room I wouldn’t be in heaven – I would be in 7th heaven meeting you and just looking at your crafting stuff!!! 8)

    By the way, what is RAK?

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