Happy Valentines day


Happy Valentines day everyone!

I’ve come on here today to tell you all about my darlin friend Anki as she has some pretty exciting things happening at the moment..

She is the new illustrator for SUSANA’S CUSTOM ART AND CARD DESIGN and her sweet line is called


Please click on above links [shop and Anki’s blog] for all the details!

Anki min vän, jag är så stolt över er och önskar er all lycka i världen!!
After having spend most of yesterday afternoon and evening in my room.. I feel like I’m getting somewhere!! yay!
Hope to finish off a couple of bits.. at least I’ve got my kids to help me today and then I might be able to show you some pics.
For now have a wonderful Saturday  🙂

Hugs, Marlene x


7 responses to “Happy Valentines day

  • Abi Bundy

    Hi Marlene
    just passing on the love on valentines day, love your blog I have an award for you on my blog, come pick it up so you can pass on some love too. 🙂

  • Diane W

    Happy Valentines Day,right back at ya!!!

    Hope to see your tidy, organised room,soon,lol!!! :o)x

  • tiets

    Hee Marlene ben benieuwd naar je vernieuwde kamer hoor…ik ben er weer, maar eigenlijk ook nog niet…het zat erg tegen, geen kijk operatie maar een grote snee omdat ze er niet bij konden… iets van 16 nietjes en in he tkijk gaatje ook nog eens 4 erin dus heb nog redelijk pijn maar goed ik ben weer thuis en het zal vast goedkomen..dank je wel nog voor je prachtige kaart!!
    Liefs Tiets xx

  • steph

    Happy Valentine’s day Marlene – Hurry up & sort out that room of yours – I’m getting serious ‘Marlene Card Design Withdrawl’ – give me my fix lol xxx

  • clare

    happy valentines day to you to xxx hope you had a lovely day.

    glad to hear your nearly finish your craft room…cant wait to see some pic’s of it..so i can be really jealous..lol
    and can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous creations.

    hugs clare xx

  • Anki

    Thank you sweetie for your love and support! Couldn’t have done this without you. Kramisar i mängder.


  • Helena

    I’m feeling pretty down at the mo, so looking at crafty blogs- and you always make me smile. Thanks!

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