Just an idea..

.. I got from a blog friend who emailed me to see if she could send my Mum a  card to cheer her up..

I thought this was so nice and  the thought of her coming out of hospital and home to lots of cards.. She would be over the moon!!.. she loves receiving cards and especially hand made ones.. My mum is partially blind so she regards each and every one of them as little treasures!

I spoke with her last night and she did sound very tired.. Wanted to jump on an airplane and see her.. but I’ll be more of a pest than a help right now.. she is in good hands.

So I wanted to ask if you have a spare card, maybe one you have made for a challenge and not got a use for yet.. that you don’t mind sending to her.. that would be fab!

You can contact me on my EMAIL and I will send you her address details.. or if you prefer, I give you mine and I will send on.

Thank you so much in advance,

Hugs, Marlene x


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