NEC & ~XS~ Candy

I can’t believe it’s been and gone for me..

Just had two fab days at Sewing for pleasure and Hobby Crafts at the NEC and at the moment I can’t feel my legs anymore!! I’m

Yesterday I went with Caz and today  I took my daughter Cherise with me and we had a lovely girly day..
It was so funny as Cherise was over at the pixel art stand and they let her demonstrate the products [as she loves doing those]
and at the Twiddle stand [making cords with thread]
they asked her to scoobie 4 cords while walking around, she did finish it for them 🙂
She got a lovely fimo flower and pendant..
she is totally in craft mode at the moment 🙂

The show wasn’t as big as it has been in previous years.. but still plenty to look at and..
for the first time ever Magnolia was represented at a UK show.
It was fab to meet them again.



It was also amazing fun to meet up with lots of blogging buddies.. I’m sending big waves to Carole, Cheryl, Ruth [so funny meeting you like that!!] Debbie, Sonia, Karen, Dawny and the girls at the Stampin Up stand.. it was just FAB!

Magnolia had a surprise offer at the show and that were “The Mini’s”  These are not available anywhere else and they have no plans on bringing these out [big mistake I think as they are just sooooo cute]


The Tilda in the middle is my own one from stash at regular size, the one on the right is the mini, then there was a XS version, the little tilda with rose.. I’ve got an extra one of this little Rose Tilda, so just for fun [and for nearly hitting 300.000 hits]..  if you would like it, say so in a message under this post  
I will pick a winner this Sunday evening..  😀


Again.. I have spend wayyyy more than I planned to.. but I did get some bargains and can’t wait to put it all away in my room and have a play


As you can see .. I will be busy for a little while.. lol

For now.. I wish you all a fabulous weekend,

Hugs, Marlene x


94 responses to “NEC & ~XS~ Candy

  • Natalie

    Oooh lots of yummy goodies here, so jealous!
    Them mini ideas are a fab idea for magnolia, it is a shame they wont bring it out properly.
    I would love the one you have on offer 🙂
    Enjoy crafting with all your new goodies, I know I would! lol xxx

  • Elaine

    Looks like you had a fab time, Marlene!

    I wish they would bring out the minis, they are SO CUTE! I would love the one you’re offering!

    I had a pretty good day myself, Paul took me to the local craft shops, and I came home with a big bag of goodies, only to find the Magnolia Spring Stamp Club and some more parcels in the porch! My craft room looks like a bomb has hit it…

    I spy the DCWV Pet Stack in your pile – I got that recently, tis lush!

  • Toni

    what a fab idea for the mini tildas id love one too and Marlene what a scrummy stash of goodies cant wait to see what you make with all that glad you had a great time Toni x

  • sandra

    omg i absolutely love magnolias theyre my fave stamps and would so love the chance at winning your extra one.
    glad you had a great day, sandra xxx

  • Annita

    would like it ? NO NO I would LOVE to have it !!
    so cute !!

    have a great weekend, hope you get some time to play with your new goodies !
    hugs Annita

  • Michelle Oatman

    Well color me green!! wow looks like a great time, and look at all of the yummies! The magnolia’s look to cute for words. and agree.. they should release them!

    sound like a wonderful girlie day too!

  • Tammi

    Oh those mini’s are so cute!! I’d def. like to have her! 🙂 It’s too bad they aren’t planning on selling them. Congrats on all the hits! You got so many awesome goodies, wow!! Have a great weekend!

  • Inger looks like u have got a lot of goodies here – whish it was me:) Looking forward to see what u will make out of it.
    I wish magnolia would bring out the minis, they are really really cute Ü. I would love the one you’re offering:o)
    Have a scrappy weekend:)
    Hugs Inger

  • Lorraine A

    so so so 🙂 yes I would love a mini Tilda 🙂

  • Mascha

    They look so cool, so sweat, so small!
    Bye Mascha

  • monika

    Looks like you had a wonderful time and so many new things to play with.Great.
    thanks for the chance to win the lovely mini Tilda
    hope I had a little chance

  • Tab

    Wowee Marlene, I’m so envious! I couldn’t get to go this year, and totally gutted,…….. especially now that they had mini Magnolia’s……..well you look like you had a fab time, enjoy your new stash sweetie!

    ….and yes I would love to have a chance to win that cutie little stamp, thank you!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  • Sarah Pitts

    Oh how sweet! I didn’t think that Magnolia could make Tilda and her friends any sweeter, but they just have! I really, really, NEED one of these!!!

  • Screppa

    looks realy great!! You have got some realy great stuff there! Go ahead and play!!

    I would gladly bee the owner of a mini-stamp!! Soo count me in!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  • riet

    wowww Marlene ,eerst wat een leuke foto,s
    o die stempels wat zijn die mooi,ik ben heel er jaloers.
    maak maar gauw een mooie kaart .
    dan kan ik daar van smullen.

    dikke knuf,veel liefs Riet.xxxx
    fijn weekend.

  • Rachel

    Wow you are going to be busy. Just love the cute mini’s they would work so well in many ways.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity and as always for sharing your inspiration.

  • Leonie

    Wat ontzettend schattig zo’n mini Tildaatje!!! Ik denk dat ze het erg leuk zal vinden bij mij 😉

    Leonie xx

  • Gvendalen

    Oo, how many of yummy goodies here! It’s sooo sweet candy!
    thanks for the chance to win. I love mini Tilda. I have not stamps from Magnolia. hope I had a chance.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Maria Therese

    oooooooo it would be sooo cool to have a mini tilda!!

  • Carina

    Loved the mini Tildam she’s so cute.

  • Lou

    Glad you had a fab day – how cute is that mini Tilda!! I would love to own her! 🙂

  • Rosette

    Oooohh you’re sooo lucky!! 🙂 And that little tiny Tilda is gorgeous! What about sending her to sunny Malta?! :))

    Love your stash to bits.. and yes.. the minis look cute ;0)

  • Lainy

    Sounds like you had a fab time and those goodies look yummy! How adorable are those mini stamps. Everyone would go mad for them. I’d love to win one. Enjoy your goodies. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  • Fifi

    How cute is that mini Tilda!! I would love to own her! They look so cool, so sweat, so small!
    I have not stamps from Magnolia. Hope I have a chance.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Judy

    Sounds like you had a wonderful couple of days. Your little girl is going to be a mini Marlene!! Get ’em started young that’s what I say. Enjoy your goodies and I would love to be in with a chance of winning the mini Magnolia!
    Judy xx

  • lin

    Wow that stamps beautiful and so cute!

    Unfortunately i havn’t made it to the show as i was working away… it was much better for my bank account tho lol.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed i might get picked 😉

  • Arianne

    Those little ones are absolutly gorgeous!
    They would be so great on the back or inside of a card.
    Too bad they won’t offer them anywhere else.

  • Diane W

    OOOO,look at all that delish stash!!!! Can I come & play at your house,please,lol?!!!

    I would luv the Magnolia stamp,please & I would really look after her!!! :o)X

  • Linda C.

    Sooooo jealous of your shopping spree!! What fun! It would be fabulous to own this Magnolia stamp! Count me in!

  • Ida

    Wow, the small magnolia stamp was cute! And with all the stash you I cant wait to see what pop’s up here 🙂 Wish it was mine, but there is a show here in Norway next weekend so hopefully I will have some new stash too and not just droll at yours :p Have a great weekend. Hugs Ida 🙂

  • Zarah

    Oh – you sure got some yummy stuff to play with!! Can’t wait to see what you’äll make of it! 😀

    …and that MINI Tilda is soooo cute too! 🙂

  • Therése

    Wow it looks like you have much fun things to “play” with:0) I do agree with you thoses mini and xs is so cute!! they should try them in the webshop to, it would be a success:0)

    Have a nice weekend!!!

    Hugs Therése

  • angela van Dorp

    OOO they are soo cute the little magnolia’s! I love them!!! Thanks for te oppertunity to win these cute stamps!!
    Your cards are realy great! I look every day to see your fatastic cards!

  • jill jones

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the NEC and spent a few pounds too. I would love to be the owner of the tiny tiny Tilda she is such a cutie. Shame they will not be availiable i think they would be great.
    Have a great weekend
    Jill x x

  • V Reed

    Looks like you had quite the grand time! I can’t wait to see what you make with all your new goodies.

    Little Miss Tilda and her rose can happily come live with me. I would give her much love and lots of stamping. 😀

  • nicola ambrose

    Marlene, am soo looking forward to going to the nec tomorrow even more now. Hope there are some mini magnolias left for the rest of us! just in case there isn’t thought i’d leave a quick post to be in with a chance!
    Enjoy your purchases over the weekend xxx

  • becky

    Hi Marlene! I’m going on Sunday, was just wondering if you could tell me how much the Mini Tilda’s are so I can budget a bit (yeah, right!!)

    Love Becky xx

  • becky

    Oops, I was on my other ID, my blog is accesable through this one!!
    Becky xx

  • Loreal Blondi

    Sure I love them all, big or small…Hope I ‘m a lucky one!

  • Amanda

    WOW great stash hun, bet you’ll have hours of fun with all that lot :o) Glad your daughter enjoyed it, I still can’t do them scoubies, totally confuses me lol

    How sweet are the mini Tilda’s? sooo cute, I would love to win it hun.

    Have fun with your new bits and bobs


    Amanda xx

  • Henriëtte

    What a cute Magnolia. It’s a shame they won’t be available. I would love to have one.
    Have fun with your new stuff.

  • Carol Ann

    Wow looks like you have had a great time lots of goodies in that photo 🙂

    The stamps a fab I agree with you they a making a mistake in not bring out the mini’s .

    Enjoy creating with your new craft stash x

  • Janice M

    Love your cards, can’t wait to see what you make with the mini Magnolia’s!

  • Michelle

    Wow!! What a great stash!! You’re right, they are making a HUGE mistake not selling those minis!! Maybe we should all email them, begging them to, lol!!! Thanks for sharing the pics….& congrats on so many hits!

  • Dawny P

    Hi chick xxx Don’t put me in the draw hunny, I just wanted to say it was lovely to see you again and fab to meet Caz – aww what a sweetie she is. Biggest hugs xxxx

  • Sugacatz

    Sounds like you had a total blast. The mini magnolia stamp is just so cute. She would make a fab addition to my collection.


  • Irene

    I love those minis. They would be so much fun to use.

  • Lana

    I just found your blog and your creations are really super ;0)
    I also just got in to the Magnolia craze they are so cute and these mini versions are extra fab……..
    I would love to win one.
    Thank you for giving us the chance
    Lana x

  • Jan

    Hi, congratulations on almost hitting the 300,000 hits.

    I am more than willing to offer the mini Tilda a kind and loving home, because I can see that if the two stay together there could be quarrels and nobody wants that do they? lol.

    Hugs and happiness Jan x

  • sammi

    Sounds like fun! Glad you had a good time (and your daughter too)! Great photos!
    They should bring the minis out – they look so cute!! I’d love to give her a home too 🙂 Thanks for the chance and well done on all those hits!! Keep up the wonderful crafting and blogging 🙂

  • alica

    looks like you had a great time and got yourself a lots of goodies 😉 I would LOVE to win the mini Tilda.. wouldn’t everybody..

  • Gail Bolander

    WOW! what a stash! I just received my first stamps of Elisabeth Bell! LOVE THEM! I don’t have these however! I know i’m going to be getting so many more! I live in the States so I’m sure you don’t mail out here but I would love to try my hand at the mini’s! Love your cards!

  • Kari

    Looks like you had a wonderful time and got yourself a lots of goodies. Those mini’s are so cute! They would be so great on the back or inside of a card. Thanks for the chance to win. Congrats on all the hits!

    Kari 🙂

  • little angel

    whaou! i agree with you: it’s just too cute!

  • StarDust Gems and Ribbon

    I can see you filled your huge bag with no problem at all Marlene…and you went back for more on Friday!
    What wonderful things you’ve bought! I love the mini Tilda’s too…so glad I bought some!
    It was wonderful to meet you…thanks so much 🙂
    Have a great day.
    Carole 😀

  • Kate

    wow what a great stash for you to play with !
    I must see if I can make one of those exhibitions in the future.
    I would love the opportunity to win that little rose magnolia ! how cute !

  • Tanya Sh.

    Wow! The stamps are so cute! I would like to have them… :-))

  • avril

    Who would not love to get there hands on this little beautie. You are sooooo lucky have a good Sunday from Australia. Love your work Marlene.

  • Andrea

    Lots of goodies to play with, lucky you going to the show. I’d love the little Tilda, who wouldn’t!!

    Andrea x

  • Annelies

    Gelukkig is hier binnenkort ook weer de stempelbeurs!! Die kleine Magnolia is echt heel erg leuk! Ben benieuwd of ze die ook meenemen naar Nederland. Zou het erg leuk vinden om het te winnen!


  • Annelies

    So cute, these little ones! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  • Tina Nielsen

    Pick me, pick me. I would like a little magnolia to my magnolia family. Good luck to all of us. Greetings from Denmark. XOXO 10na

  • Monika G.

    I would love to win the mini Tilda…
    Tänx, Monika

  • Cindy

    Looks like you got some wonderful goodies. I would love to have the Magnolia mini. I don’t even have a regular one, but would love to. I really enjoy your blog, lots of wonderful ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sarah

    Hi Marlene,

    I have kept away from the show this time around………….looks like I should have gone (mmmmmmm still not too late) not sure they would have any minis left though now. Tilda with rose is my favorite magnolia ever, i would love her in mini. Your stash looks fab, can’t wait to see what you make with it all.


  • Christine

    Hi, I just came across your blog from Carole’s blog (congrats on your new recruit, I am a SU rep too) and saw your post on the mini Tildas. So cute. I love them. I really wish they would release those because sometimes you need their stamps a little smaller. It looks like you got lots of fun stuff at the show and it sounds like you had tons of fun. I am so glad to have found your blog. Your work is fantastic. Thanks for the chance at some mini Tilda’s.

  • Artyjen

    So many hits!
    It’s no surprise.
    Please pick me out,
    For the Tilda mini prize.

  • Meahni

    You are just too clever!! This is so nicely done.

  • annie

    wow Marlene, you have stamina to do 2 days on the trot! but oh what fun you have had and all those fabulous crafty goodies. and how marvelous that Magnolia were at the show and of course yes please for a chance to win a mini Tilda! hugs, annie x

  • Jacky S

    What lovely minis…you’re so right…they should bring them out…I’d love to win one.

  • Naoual

    Oh wat supergaaf die mini stempeltjes! Keeping my fingers crossed ;o)

    xx Naoual

  • Marlou McAlees

    love your gorgeous card Marlene 🙂 ♥

  • Craftyc

    I am so jealous Marlene, would love to get to the NEC but to far for me. A for the mini magnolia’s,wow, why wont they release them. I think we shoudl start a petition LOL. Would love to win the mini-mag, so, so cute!

  • Carla

    Hoi Marlene,
    Ik zie net je berichtje dat ik een berichtje achter moet laten als ik een kans wil maken op de stempeltjes. En natuurlijk wil ik dta wel… dus bij deze :o)
    Het zijn schatjes!

    Groetjes Carla

  • joey

    Hiya Marlene, glad you had a fabby time at the nec! one day i will get there!. ooooh if only magnolia would bring them minis out they are super duper cute, I would love to own them! lol, who wouldnt. thanks for the chance. love Joey.x

  • Elaine

    You are going to have sooo much fun with those new goodies! I am so thrilled you are sharing with one of your readers – that’s so sweet of you! 🙂

    Take care and have a great rest of the weekend~


  • papercraftsbyrach

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Jealous, i didn’t get to go to the nec this year, still trying to pesuade Paul that he would love it….he would love it!!! haha ah well i suppose that i will just have to be happy drooling over your yummy stash, and those gorgeous mini tilda’s. hugs rachxx

  • Denise Morgans

    Hi Marlene, I’m so jealous looking at all your luscious goodies lol! The mini magnolia’s look so cute. Please can you enter my name in the draw, I would be so happy 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs, Denise x

  • Tracey

    YAY for new goodies!! How cute is that tiny little Tilda?!?! Thanks for the chance to win!! xx

  • Marilyn Cline

    What a fantastic haul of goodies that you are adding to your stash – and those mini Magnolias are just too cute – I would love for one to come live in Texas with me!

  • Nikki C

    Alot of goodies you’ve got and so sweet to share Thanks for the chance at this 🙂 Crossing fingers

  • Anki

    You shop-a-holic :-)) Looks like you had tons of fun. Not sure if my hubby dares to let me go to one of these events with you and Caz…hihi…… Well – I will drop you an email – since part of your stuff has arrived. Kramis – Anki

  • riet

    wowwwww what a beautiful Marlene.

    liefs Riet.xx

  • Terri

    Yea, I guess it would be nice to have this mini especially (are you kiddin’ it would be great!). I just found your blog and love it.

  • Lynne Fahey

    Wow, how cool are those! Yes, I would love it if I was lucky enough to win….
    Looks like a great time was had by all, and I just LOVE Magnolia stamps, who wouldn’t??

    Can’t wait to see the cards you make with the goodies you brought!

  • Katrina

    Your new stash looks great Marlene! I didn’t get chance to go to the NEC due to work etc. Would love a chance to win the mini tilda, thanks!
    Hugs, Katrina x

  • Sharon

    WOW you did have a great shopping spree Marlene. Glad you had a fab time and I would love to have a chance to win this gorgeous mini

  • CharlieDK

    IS it still Sunday evening – sure hope so – cause I would love that tiny sweet stamp. HUGS

  • Sinikka

    Ik hoop dat ik nog op tijd ben om een kans te maken voor zo een cute stempeltje.
    Nog een fijne avond.
    Groetjes Sinikka

  • helen x

    marlene i would love to be an adopted mommy to your itsy bitsy magnolia stamp she would be very well looked after lol
    glad you had a great time at the nec and have fun playing with your new goodies
    helen x

  • Denise

    OMGoodness, it is so hard to find those darling magnolia’s here. I asm so excited to get my hands on the mini ones. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win!

  • moi

    I hope I catch this one 😉 I love to have this mini Tilda.

    Hugs, moi

  • Stephanie Wright

    Hi, came and had a look at your blog after visiting caz’s. I love the new magnolia’s they would be perfect to add to the inside of cards wouldn’t they.Glad you had a nice time – never been to nec think I need to though just for the mini magnolia’s!

  • Jeannette

    Marlene, it looks like you had a great time. I was going to go yesterday but resisted the temptation. You can always tell how much of a good time someone had by the amount of stash they bring home….and I would have had an absolute ball! LOL

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