Would you believe the weather?

Yesterday we had Caz & Georgia over for the day,
we had aload of catching up to do, and craft shopping ofcourse..

also intending to take some photo’s as we will be off to the Scrapagogo retreat weekend after next..
and the weather was awfull!  so no pictures got taken!

Today however the total oposite!!
Glorious sunshine and even more lovely weather to come tomorrow,
it’s always the same right?!

So, I wasn’t going to stay indoors and I didn’t fancy taking all my pens outside as they are stuck into storage containers..
I took my bead board outside instead and made one of the kits I got ages ago at one of the big craft shows.


It’s been awhile since I’ve beaded anything..
infact it was definately last year, so had great fun putting together the petals and leaves.

After all the little bits I wanted were done I ‘sew’ them on the pendant with very thin wire.

I then attached the tube bail to the pendant to thread the ribbons through
and roughly frilled the mesh ribbon [this is such fun stuff!]

Luckily I’ve done a few leaves and petals too many
so I’m making a large flower embellishment to put on my Scrapagogo journal 🙂

Couple of close-ups:

pendantcl1 pendantcl

[click on the pictures for full view]

I was going to make it for a friends 50th in August,
but like usual I make it and then can’t bear to part with it!!

I’ve got another [longer] pendant waiting to be made next..will show you as soon as it is done I’m sorry that I’ve got no cards to show for a bit!! lol


Thanks for looking and any messages you might leave,

Have a great evening!!

Hugs, Marlene x


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