Craft Stamper ~ Sugar Nellie


Good morning all *Ü*

Very excited as in a couple of hours I’ll be off to meet Caz for lunch
and then we’ll be setting off to London for the SCRAPAGOGO weekend retreat!!! Yay!

I’m taking near enough my whole house contents,
including my laptop so I hope to keep you updated on the weekend as we go along 🙂

I did want to tell you all that the new CRAFT STAMPER magazine is hitting the shelves today
and the free cover stamp is this month provided by SUGAR NELLIE!!!!!


I had great fun making some of the makes in this month’s magazine with the owl & yummie MME ‘Bloom & Grow’ papers..
just a perfect match to this little fella.

OMG.. the little owl is sooo cute,
it is designed by Linda Andrea [famous for the Maggie & Hamish range]
and is also a clue for an exciting new range for SUGAR NELLIE coming soon!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and hope the sun will shine for you,

Hugs, Marlene xx


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