Tag Purse for CCT


Happy fathersday to all the Dad’s out there 🙂

We’ve just been having a lovely BBQ out in the garden with hubby’s parents who are over from Spain for a week and it was fun being able to be together today as it doesn’t happen much!

I’ve tried to upload my project for today all afternoon, but the signal for the mobile broadband has been terrible, only just managed to log on!

So without further ado.. my label purse…


A couple of months back I made the base for the label purse following instructions set by Tiets on her club.. but never got around to decorating it.

So, today I sat down to colour some more of the gorgeous Duda Daze images for Sugar Nellie .. just love them!!

It so happens that the them over at CUTE CARD THURSDAY is ” Tag, You’re it!”  so perfect to use this for that challenge 🙂

I’ve coloured “Frog Prince” for the sleeve and Bunny, Bashful & Shaken Not Kissed to go on the inside on the tag holders..


Close up of the girlies:

Frog Prince
Shaken Not Kissed
Shaken Not Kissed
In each of the pockets is a tag and is perfect to display sentiments and you can even attach money gifts to it.. I love how it turned out 🙂
I’m sorry for the long post and many photo’s, just couldn’t stop taking pictures and then not able to choose which one to use..lol
I hope you all have a great evening and thanks so much for looking!
Hoping to do some serious blogging tomorrow, if my connection will let me..
Failing that.. I’ll be back with proper internet on Thursday.. can’t wait!!!

Hugs, Marlene xx


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