Award, news and Jitters…


Another busy day away from home for me today.. I thought I would have some peace now the summer holls is here!  but hey-ho

Got nothing to show you yet.. but wanted to pass on a fab award that has been passed on to me last weekend [I’m so slow on keeping up with these things.. sorry]

I got this award from Annemarie, and am honoured and thrilled to have received it from you 🙂

Duizend dankjes meis! xxx


It was extremely hard to choose just one person to pass this award on to, but 1 person I feel I’ve known since I started blogging and who’s blog post with her gorgeous creations and witty comments always bring a smile to my face is Bernie

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. You can only pass this award on to ONE person, not to be put on display for anyone to pick up
  2. Give the reason why you chose the person to pass it on to
  3. Are you lucky enough to receive this award again, rule 1 & 2 apply
  4. Display these rules with your award

Enjoy the award hunnie!


A little bit of news:

My fellow sweetie over at the Sugar Bowl


Yesterday gave birth to a healthy and beautiful son, Leonard

Congratulations to you all!!!


Ooo, it’s only a couple of days until I’m on my way to Florida..

I’m all jittery and got butterflies in my stomach already!!!

I’m not ready in the slightest.. and am on a manic run around to get the last bits & bobs,

I’m amazed I remembered to print some discount vouchers for Michaels and Joanns, I’m sure I’ll give those shops a visit!!

Roll on Friday.. is all i can say, I’ll be alright as soon as I’m up in the air  😉

Hope to be back tonight with at least something to show..

Have a fabulous day all!

Hugs, Marlene x


13 responses to “Award, news and Jitters…

  • Sharon

    Well done on the award & Bernie is a worthy recipient she always brings a smile to my face as well. A lovely lady.
    Have a fantastic holiday.
    Sharon x

  • Bernie

    Are you kidding me…? When I say I have tears rollin’….I kid you not! I am amazed and delighted and thrilled and honoured. Thank you for thinking of me, for those precious words and for the award!

    Right…better go get a tissue and wipe my face…the hubster will be home soon and all concerned about me!! bx

    PS Get some rescue remedies into you…a herbal remedy made by Bach…I wouldn’t be without them!! I found the drops the best and they just keep you from getting wound toooooooooooooooooo tight…then you can do what you gotta and be a bit less stressed!!

  • sue

    Hi Hun
    aww what a lovely award congratulations, have a super duper holiday incase i dont get back to you, im off on mine next friday, cruise to norweign fyords, cant wait. sue.xx

  • Kim Piggott

    Congratulations on your award Marlene!
    Thank you so much for telling us Lia’s wonderful news so happy or her.
    kim x

  • Alison

    Have the bestest time in Florida Marlene, give Gayle a hug from me. Don’t worry, just think about the end result………. shopping, shopping, shopping 😆 Have a blast!!!

  • Tiets

    Ik wens je alvast een goede reis Marlene en have lot’s of fun! Ikz al aan jullie denken!
    Liefs Tiets

  • Judy

    Have a wonderful wonderful time Marlene!! it will be awesome to be there. Have a safe trip and look forward to seeing some piccies when you return!!

    Big hugs Judy xx

  • Donalda

    Have a safe trip dear, and take lots of pic’s so we can all see, but most of all have lots of fun!!!!!! Hugs

  • Anki

    Have fun sweetie and hope you get to do some serious shopping as well! Kramisar – Anki

  • stephanie

    Have a fantastic time in Florida – try not to clear Michaels & Joan’s out lol

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it – is to come back with news of all the lastest trends & products, don’t let us down!

    Miss ya already

    Love Steph xxx

  • Sarah B

    Hi, Marlene, Thank you for teh congratulations, Can’t believe I’m going to be working alongside such talented ladies, Love your work, you are always and inspiration, Thanks again, Hugs SarahB X

  • cora heikamp

    wauw die is weer Super !!!
    groetjes Cora

  • Alex

    WOW: I love your cards, the cute stamps, great colouring in and sketch layouts.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    Alex x

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