CHA Candy Giveaway



Good morning all 🙂

Never had a chance to put my candy up before.. it sure is taking time to get back into the swing of things….
but wanted to share a little bit of my goodies with you all.

Included in My candy is all you see in the picture [including pink MM pinny, MS edge punch, lots of paper & embellishments] and all bagged in a canvas MM totebag.. click photo for a bigger picture.

My candy is open to all visitors, worldwide [blog or no blog!] and will close on Monday 10th @ 6pm

Just leave a message under this post, link is at the top.. messages left at wrong post won’t be counted!

I also have a mystery goody bag up for grabs, this will be send to the person who’s comment most makes me giggle or laugh out loud, [to keep the laughter we had linger for longer! :)]



364 responses to “CHA Candy Giveaway

  • Sarah B

    Wow, you generous lady, what fab goodies, Hugs Sarah B X

  • daisy

    wow what a way to share a lot of goodys while she just got beck into the swing! hope you’ll don’t swing to hard!otherwis you might fall auh*

    thanks for the upp to win this gorgeuse candy

  • Glitter Monkey (Lynn)

    WOW if this is what you are giving away I really need to see the REAL picture of what you brought back – not just the “edited” version!! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing stash babes! Lol Lynn ♥

  • Elaine

    What a truly generous blog candy Marlene – some yummy things!! Thank you – will link you to my blog Elaine x

  • Martine

    oooo fab candy, please could you count me in for the draw :), i have posted a photo in my saidebar 🙂

    Just had a look at the video you posted and had a right giggle, my goodness people were excited, ooo i soo wish i could have been there it looked like a right laugh hehe, i even had a look through some of the other videos and people were getting even more excited as it went on, one girl could hardley contain herself, if i was there i would probably be the same (ok maybe a bit worse as i even get excited when the ice cream van comes around hehe)

    Thanks again for the candy hun and for the video 🙂



  • stephanie

    Yes please Marlene – I would love the chance to win this mountain of yummies – I knew you wouldn’t disapoint!!
    Hugs Steph xxx

    Hmmm…something funny… we’re potty training Jasmine at the moment & yesterday Owen came running to me screaming ‘Mummy, Mummy – Jasmine’s done a poo poo on my pillow!!’ I went to check & yes, there it was ewwww – I’m just glad it wasn’t my pillow lol That’s probably more disgusting then funny, but worth a try haha

  • Helen

    Wow – fabulous candy Marlene!
    Have popped a photo & link in the sidebar on my blog – thanks for the chance to win!

    Thanks for the link to the raffle – I have never seem people so excited about a raffle before…but maybe that’s because the prizes are usually packets of out of date biscuits and bottles of Babycham! lol
    Helen x

  • Andrea Reid

    What fab candy. Glad you all enjoyed your trip and spent well.
    Andrea Reid

  • moon

    wow Marlene you cal this candy, wow this looks like a complete sweet candyshop
    ofterwijl ik zit nu mijn hele toetsen bord onder te kwijlen en ik krijg er spontaan gevoelig tandglazuur van Mijn hemel mijn maag gaat er van kriebelen Bij deze candy heb je gewoon een asperientje nodig ha ha
    Lief van je om te delen
    Liefs Moon

  • Jacky Scales

    I’d love a chance to win this gorgeous candy.

  • Sharon

    Wow, candy ?? that’s more like an entire sweet shop!! Just watched a couple of the videos & had to LOL at the guy in the green t-shirt in amongst all those screaming women. Have you ever seen a grin as wide!! Bet he never expected to be in amongst so many women all excited over his ‘slice’.
    Sharon x

  • Ida

    Wow, wish I could have been there to!! One day..!! Hehe. Glad you had a great time and wow again am I jealous of all your shopping! 🙂 Very nice of you to share this with us who had to stay at home! 🙂

    Have a great day! Hugs Ida

  • Annelies

    Wow, what a candy! How much of this sweetness you have left for yourself now? :).
    Thanks for the chance to win and share in your CHA experience!

  • Kristine

    OMG Marlene!
    You are SO generous!
    How nice you are sharing some CHA goodies with those of us who didn’t have the chance to go!!!
    Thank you so much sweetie!
    Hugs from Kristine

  • Kreativmonster

    Whow, what a nice candy! It is very nice of you to give us the chance to win something after your own marvellous experience. Thanks a lot for that chance! I hope you can keep these precious memories alive as long as possible.
    I linked your candyto my blog’s sidebar.

  • Rowena

    Hi Marlene! Oooooo this is a huge stash of candy! I’d love to tell you something funny but its just too early…still on me first cup of coffee! Love Rowena

  • Sue Lumber

    CHA CHA CHA is what I promise to do if I win these gorgeous goodies.
    Thanks for the chance. Sue :o)

  • Sarah Pitts

    OOOOOHHHHH BOY!!! What amazing candy!!
    And that raffle, I thought people got carried away over winning a coffee machine in the school raffle!!! This beats it hands down!!
    Glad you had such a fab time.

  • Allissa

    Hi Marlene, wowza! what fab candy hunni. This is my 1st visit here, I clicked your candy link over on stephs site bless her. Wow, what I wouldn’t do to win this Candy.. I would jump through Hoops, I would sail the seven seas, I would Climb every Mountain I would even eat mushy peas! I would bend over backwards, I would learn Japanese, I would try to eat jelly on the world’s largest trampolene!! HAHA I Hope that made you smile 🙂

    I have placed a picture & link back on my sidebar.
    Have a great week!


  • rosette

    Oh my Goodness!! Oh my Goodness!! If tht’s what YOU offer after a couple of days at CHA… can anyone send you for a whole year????!! PPLEEEAAASE!!! 🙂

  • annemarie

    oooh wauw marlene je geeft een heel walhalla weg. Tjeetje wat veeeeel zeg.En wat kun je goed delen,iedereen zou denken zelf houden.
    Dank je wel voor de kans om zo’n geweldige candy te winnen bij jou.

    liefs Annemarie

  • bronwyn

    Wow gorgeous candy glad you had such a fun time it sounds like crafters heaven
    Thanks for the chance

  • Janina Beckett

    Ooo what lovely candy. I do so envy your trip to Orlando. Me and the kids want to go back next year(went in 2005) but hubby just won’t open his wallet at the mo>LOL……..mind you I’ve a nice little nest egg coming out next year which hubby took out in his name but will pay out in mine……….so me and the kids could go with or without him.he he… I would go without him……….or would I LOL.
    Janina…………… I love your blog and your lovely cards.

  • moi

    Uuuuuuu, lots of jummy goodies. I wish I was a fly and fly with you. But you’d probably hit me 😉

    Never mind, just count me in 😉

    hugs, moi

  • FionaJ

    Wow, Marlene, you are so generous, so much stash for one lucky crafter, I can imagine the giggles you had in Cha, as a local to paper crafts boutique in Elgin I know and have met the Fab Karen on numerous occasions, she’s a scream and a fantastic person.
    Glad you all had a great time with lots of giggles.
    Love your work, keep it up, love looking at your creations.

    FionaJ xxx

  • Magda

    What a great candy! So many lovely things. Thanks!
    Magda 🙂

  • Danielle Lord

    Oh wow Marlene, if this is you just sharing a ‘bit’ of your CHA goodies, no wonder you needed to buy a new suitcase!! Thanks for the chance to win some incredibly yummy stuff!
    Hugs, Danielle

  • Allissa

    Hi Marlene, wowza! what fab candy hunni. This is my 1st visit here, I clicked your candy link over on stephs site bless her. HERE’S a little ditty…hope it makes you smile!

    Wow, what I wouldn’t do to win this Candy.. I would jump through Hoops, I would sail the seven seas, I would Climb every Mountain I would even eat mushy peas! I would bend over backwards, I would learn Japanese, Can’t you hear what Im saying…as I shout it through the trees?………….. This candy is awsome and everyone tries…. If I were to win this it would be such a SURPISE! LOL

    Please ignore my earlier post. NOT trying to have 2 gos sweetheart…just got a better version …me finks anyhow lol


  • Mo

    Wow what a great candy Marlene, I’d love to win it…!
    Hm, something that makes you giggle…, maybe a package with swiss chocolate I would send you if I win (I’m sure you know that chocolate makes happy and/or giggling…)??!!
    Hugs from Switzerland, Mo

  • Bernie

    Oh nice goodies Marlene…hope I win…’cos I want that pink pinny….it’s for my hubby’s christmas pressie you see….MM = My Man and Making Memories…well that’s what it’s all about…so yeah, I’ll wear it (and a smile) and as i coyly turn I’ll ask ever so sweetly “darling, does my bum look big in this”….? bx I’m just soo cheeky you see!! bx

  • Jennie

    MMmmm mmmysterious mmarlene candy. Mmmm. I congratulate you on being so honest about the sheer amount of stash brought back from the US and disguising some of it (LOTS) of it as altruistic is tres clever!I think personally that all the giggles and laughter and well..sheer hysteria are due to too many E numbers from the crafty goodies. Not alot of people know that whilst small children become crazy creatures that bounce off the walls after too many E numbers in sweets and drinks, grown adults are similarly affected by craft stash. We don’t bounce around in the same way- we shriek and say things like ‘wow-American crafts letters made of python-wow!!!’ ‘In Pink!’ ‘Aaargh!’ And ‘oo oo oo…look…glitter in 376 types of well pink!’ ‘I’ll have one of best have two in case I run out’.
    Now you need to detox Marlene and the prognosis is good…until next time!!! Gald you all had fun!

  • Screppa

    Love your candy! Me like:0)

    (jumping up and down – me me me me me me me me me me me)

  • Elaine Livesey

    Oooh, what lovely goodies!! I’ve just enlarged the photo, and then I had to lean in to have a really good look, and now I’ve sat back down at my desk, I notice I’ve got strawberry yoghurt on my right boob!! That’s what happens when you eat at your desk,( plus I’m looking when I should be working Huh!) I knew you’d all have a blast! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with all your new stash.
    Lots of love
    Elaine xx

  • Elaine

    Holy cow that’s a lovely heap of stash! Just how big is the stash mountain in your craft room at the moment, Marlene?!!! Did you actually bring any of your clothes back with you, or did you abandon them in favour of the Slice et al? 😉

  • Sue L

    Would give half my stash to go to CHA and the other half to win the Lottery. So now I don`t have any stash, can I maybe win some blog candy?

  • Alison

    Just left my housework to help my daughter print out a picture of Peppa Pig and whoops find myself blog hopping!!!!
    What do I find but an absolute plethora of blog candy. Do my eyes deceive me – hang on I will just put my glasses back on – no I was right. Some kind and generous person is giving away a load of fantstic goodies. To be in with a chance to win all I have to do is link to the candy – seems simple enough!! But my daughter now having finished her lunch wants sweets NOW!!!!!
    Right where was I, ah yes, Make you laugh? How on earth can I do that without pulling funny faces at you and you can’t see me!!! Perhaps you should imagine me doing the funny faces. If you have a good enough imagination you should be falling on the floor by now!!!!

    Good luck everyone

    Ali x

  • gjewett

    Wow, what yummy candy and I definitely have a sweet tooth!!!!

  • Cathy

    Wow Marlene thats gorgeous candy. So how big were your suitcases on the way home?!!! Would love to see what else you bought.
    Cathy xx

  • Debra

    Did someone mention candy? I’m all out of new candy! Great blog.

  • Sarah Wilkins

    The chance to win new CHA goodies – Yes please!!! Lookd like u had a fab time as as for the blinging Cricut – how fab is that – just think of all the stoking you could do to it!!!

    Sarah xxx

  • Sue Bone

    I went and watched the video to see your reaction, but unless you’ve changed a lot in the last two months, it’s not you!! well done on your win.

    I asked Liz what she bought at the retail show and she hasn’t answered me. How rude!! LOL

  • Chrissie

    Wow Marlene, this has to be the biggest pile of candy I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win it.
    Your updates while you were away really made me laugh, sounds like you had a fabulous time.
    I was VERY envious, especially when I saw the piccy of Michaels, never mind about the seven Wonders of the World…I’d be happy forever if I could visit this place!!!
    I’ve added a photo and link on my sidebar.

  • Andrea

    Hi Marlene,great candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I post it on my blog.

  • Judith

    Wow Marlene, great blog candy, thanks for offering it up to us all. So glad you had such a great time at CHA and I’m happy you’re back to carry on crafting and creating some more fabulous cards to show us. Wish I could have come with you, but you couldn’t have afforded the excess baggage charge for me and bought all the goodies while you were out there too! Judith x

  • Diane W

    I don’t know how you can bear to give it all away?!!!!
    You are kind :o)x

  • shirley from sunderland

    Hi Marlene
    wow what fantastic blog candy i would love it if i was the winner so i have my fingers crossed
    thank you for letting me enter
    lovely blog
    from shirley ramsay from sunderland

  • Bonnie


  • Susan

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Karita

    Hi Marlene! 🙂
    What an awesome candy! WOW! 🙂 I would very very much like to win it to myself 😉
    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂


  • Jane Carroll

    Lovely candy Marlene and so generous of you

    I’m soooooooooo jealous you got to go to the States and can’t wait to see what u make with you HUGE stash that u came back with. Bet u had to pay LOADS of extra baggage costs!!!

    Linked on my side bar

    Hugs Jane x

  • Kim G.

    Marlene~ Wow thanks for the chance to win some lovely presents! You are so kind and giving my friend! I would love to get my inky hands on this! Although my other craft supplies are yelling “No no, you can’t win because then you won’t play with us anymore!” I have to tell them to be quiet because new friends are always allowed in Kim’s Craft Corner! lol!

    Thanks again for the chance to win hun!
    Hugs~ Kim

  • Denimo

    Wow Marlene!! What fun blog candy!! Pleeeezzz… pick me… pick me {arm waving crazily, like a first grader}!!! Oh yeah… probably a random drawing. Fabulous arm waving won’t help a skootch! I come visit your blog almost daily. It’s a great site… wonderful cards and stories. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!! Denise

  • Vina

    Thank you for the chance to win your yummy candy! I’m glad you had a fun time visiting the U.S. & attending CHA! Thanks for sharing all your pictures at the event & for all your inspiration!
    take care

  • Micha

    Hi Marlene,
    what fantastick blogcandy!!! Thanks for the chance to win..
    I post it on my Blog…

    Hugs Micha

  • Monique

    Hai Marlene,

    Wow, wat een geweldige blogcandy is dat. Hardstikke bedankt voor de kans om te winnen.

    groetjes Monique

  • Erin

    Hi Marlene, looks like you had a great time at CHA, oh I’m soooo jealous I would have loved to get going!
    Thanks for the chance to win your super duper candy, so so generous of you! I will post a link on my candy side bar!
    Ok so now i have to make u giggle! I’m not too good at jokes (always forget them by the end) lol. So instead I thought I would post you a few crafters poem that might make you giggle, as you may be able to relate to them. I know I can. lol

    I found these a while back online. Hope you like them! Sorry for taking up alot of room.
    Erin x

    If crafting is a petty crime
    I will soon be doing time
    If crafting is against the law
    I’ll do time forever more

    I sit and craft from morn ’til night,
    my family do despair,
    but armed with heat gun, ink pads too,
    I really just don’t care

    The more I see, the more I want,
    I cannot see an end,
    to sticky pads and funky foam,
    I have to spend, spend, spend

    I made a candle, just last week,
    it turned out quite a mess,
    I think I’ll stick to making cards,
    coz that’s what I do best

    (Written by Karla)


    Crafts are here, crafts are there.
    My crafts supplies are everywhere.
    I really should clean this mess,
    But I like it, I confess.

    Floor is littered, chairs are piled,
    Kitchens looking pretty wild,
    On the table, counter too,
    Seems that any place will do.

    Hall is stacked with cartons high,
    Filled with things folks like to buy.
    Garage is full, but so far…..
    There’s still room to park the car.

    I never have an idle day,
    New ideas come my way.
    Don’t know yet what I’ll create,
    But my Imag-e-nation’s great.

    My family smiles, they don’t complain,
    Although at times I am a pain.
    But when all is said and done,

    I really am a crafty one.

  • Linda

    WOZER BOWZER girlie this is one SUPER DUPER SCOOPER of a blog prize.
    You a sure a SUGAR SWEETIE to share some of your Creative Happy Awesome finds from CHA. 🙂
    I will link your blog goodies on my sidebar.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this totally awesome prize.

  • Annita

    wow that is one yummy blog candy, I would love to win it. thanks for the chance.

    hugs Annita

  • Sonja

    WOW what a great candy.Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve linkes your candy in my sidebar.

    Hugs Sonja

  • Veronica

    Hello there! “calling from Sweden”
    I found you at Rach`s blog and I am happy that I did! You make wonderful things! Thank you for the inspiration! and for this candy too;)

  • laura

    wow marlene what FAB candy, so much scrummy stuff !!!! looks like you girls had such a great time, i bet you needed to buy a few extra suitcases to bring back everything !!!!! hmmm something funny ??? ….

    im bad at jokes …. whats brown and sticky ….. a stick, i know so lame but its my best friend loves it hahahahaha

    good luck everyone xxxx

  • SasSa

    Holy macaroni!!! What lovely things!
    Thanks so much Marlene for the chance at this lovely candy!! And for giving us that can’t come to CHA a little peek of what´s happening there.
    That´s a dream to visit CHA sometime.
    But it´s a looong way from Sweden.

    Have a great day!
    Hugs, SasSa

    Totally gorgeous hAnglar card with the boy on the moon btw!!!

  • Amy Plott

    Whoohoo…. If there is anything I am addicted to it is scrapbooking goodies. … and vintage Kitchen ware like the 1950’s/60’s/70’s avocado green and harvest yellow Pyrex…mmmmm … LOVE IT! Anyway, today is my first day finding out about Blog Candy and I now have a new way to waste time online 🙂 instead of scrapping with my already over stuffed closet of materials and pictures! Hope to win and have loved laughing with you!

  • Karena

    Wow!!!!!!!,what a amazing candy.Thanks for the chance to win,,,bisou TuKara from Tunisia

  • Tracey

    Wow! This is fabulous candy! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Diane

    Hi Marlene, so glad you had a fabbie time in Florida. What gorgeous candy – how generous of you. Lots of love hunny

  • Leanne

    Oooh this is absolutely scrummy candy! Thanks for the chance to win! Now I was going to try and do a ‘funny’ post, however, whenever I try and do funny it never actually happens!

    Hope someone makes you chuckle!

    Have put your candy on my sidebar.


  • Gro

    Wow! 🙂
    Thanks for the chanse to win this awesome candy! 🙂

  • Hazel Q.

    OMG, you’re soo generous, this candy is fabulous 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win. I’m crossing my fingers, my toes, my legs 😛

  • Beth S

    Wow Marlene it looks like you made a good haul of goodies. It’s fantastic that you are willing to share with this huge blog candy.

  • sara PIERI

    wow it’s beautiful sorry for my english i’m italian yuo are very fantastic!!!!!!! bye bye I hope to winner
    saluti da FIRENZE


  • ShootingStarsMag

    Oh Oh OHHHHHH!!!! This is nice. How about, I enter yours, you enter mine???? LOL I don’t have candy but I do have some cool stuff….but anyway, great giveaway. I’d love to be included. thanks.

  • Nunt

    Ooh, wonderful candy! I could really use some cheer up right now, as our soon-4-month-old Parson Russel terrier puppy pooped on the floor (again) during the 10 minutes me and hubby drove down to the grocery store and he was alone. He hadn’t done his business since morning, so the smell and the sheer size of the MOUNTAIN of poo was quite nasty when we came home.


    Kids. Especially the furry ones. They have no backward memory, so you just have to swallow the “NOOOOOOO YOU LITTLE BRAT!!”-yell crawling up your throat and clean up. Well, hubby did, it’s his dog. Thank god.

  • Maria Therese

    wow what a yummi candy!! I really would like it to come to Norway all though I have scrappy shopped 4 times since my 2nd princess was born (3 months ago ) and all I have made is 3 cards and 2 layouts and all from old stuff I had from before.. *faint*

  • amanda

    Oh I wish you could of taken me in your suitcase lol
    thanks for sharing your goodies
    hugs amanda xx

  • Aleida

    Gelukkig heb je de herinneringen nog, nadat je deze geweldige blogcandy verstuurd hebt. De belevenissen tellen toch veel meer en ongetwijfeld heb je veel foto’s. Bedankt dat je ons dan ook laat mee-genieten. (ook de niet-bloggende fans)

  • belinda

    Hallo Marlene, wat een prachtige tijd moeten jullie hebben gehad samen! Mijn vriendin waar ik normaal gezien ook overal naartoe ga, is momenteel heel ziek. Zo moet ik veel alleen naar beurzen en allerhande, wat natuurlijk niet kan tippen aan de tijd die je samen kan doorbrengen! Ik hoop dat ze na de zomer eindelijk thuis mag blijven (uit het zziekenhuis) en dat we in het najaar veel beurzen en leuke tijden met veel freubel momenten kunnen waarmaken. Want samen hebben altijd de grootste pret! Veel succes met de candy 🙂 xxx

  • sarah

    Wow Marlene,

    You are just too generous, I would just love this little lot!!



  • Vicky

    Cor Blimey Marlene. That’s one heck of a candy you’ve got there! I’d have love to have gone to CHA as well, but probably just as well I didn’t looking at your stash it would have cost me a bloomin fortune! It wouldn’t have gone down so well with him indoors {he’s a bit of a tight a**e!}. Looks like you managed to spend the GDP of a third world country! Lol! Good on ya gal, at least you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy though. Fingers crossed!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  • mae

    Thanks for participating! I would love to win because I am from argentina and here they are not making such material scrap! already posted on my blog! Wish me luck! hugs!

  • Kate

    wow fantastic candy ! Just the type I like (that doesn’t involve consuming calories !) I would hate to think what you had to pay to take that extra suitcase onto the plane !!
    – you could have worn all your clothes and stashed even more craft stuff into all your suitcases ! A good tip for next time !
    Kate x

  • claire

    Hi there, I SO so so need this candy!!!!!!! I especially need the MM pinney…. it will only cover one boob, but its ok because I have a Sizzix one for the other boob!!!!

    fab fab fab candy, and well done on the slice win!

    Love Claire (

  • Ina

    What a fantastic blogcandy. Who doesn’t want to win that?
    I sure do. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Bye Ina

  • Anki

    OMG! I almost sounded like those women on the You tube video…Can you hear me dear!!! Hihi……. You are so sweet and of course I will let the rest of the blog world know about your wonderful candy.
    We’re heading for Chicago on Friday – so if I win – hope you can hear me screaming from there *lol* Kramis – Anki

  • Sandra Ashall

    WOW WEE. What great blog candy. Would love to win. Follow you blog, and have got you on my blog list. Love your work,very inspirational.

  • Simonne

    Fab blog candy! Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win, Marlene – you are a sweetie!

    I’ve pic-linked you on the sidebar of my blog.

    Hugs, Simonne x

  • Penni

    OMG what an amazing selection of goodies. I hope I win!!!!


  • lazylol

    Wow what fab candy! I’ve love the chance to win x

  • Mina

    oh my goodness ‘drool drool drool’ how fabulous is this candy…thanks so much for the chance to win Marlene…come on spill tell us what you bought for yourself if this is the stash you willing to part with bet your excess baggage was huge lol…I have put a link in my candy bar
    Mina xxx

  • Siri

    OH! I just love your candy! As I am not in a funny mood, I´ll just have to hope for the big prize! I have made a link in my candybar 🙂


  • Alenka

    Great candy!Thanks for the chance to win!You are very generous!

  • Judy

    What a generous gal!! I don’t think I could bear to part with this much stash!! You are very sweet and kind 🙂 Hope you are getting your feet back onto the ground after your amazing trip!!
    Thanks for the chance to win honey !
    HUgs Judy xx

  • Mariana C

    Great stuff! I’m sure whoever gets it (hopefully me!) will have lots of fun.
    Very generous of you Marlene, I’m sure you had lots of fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • wendy

    Hi Marlene, what gorgeous candy you are offering, this sounds like I’m just saying this because I wanna win that scrummy lot…(well I do…lol), but honestly your blog is such an inspiration, you are a very talented lady and your cards and your work is gorgeous. I missed reading your blog when you were away. keep up the good work and thank you so much for the chance to win this lovely candy.

    Hugs Wendy

  • Beth aka BR-T

    What a great selection of candy! The video was very energetic we are maniacs when it comes to free. I am a proud dumpster diver myself…oh you’re talking about free new stuff got it! Any how I’ve linked you to my sidebar best wishes all ( whatever, if you win and I don’t I pray that one day when you are eating minute maid rice you discover those black pieces of rice right about the time you see a chewed hole in the box! Just Kidding! I think! It won’t kill you, I’m still alive 30 years later! Beth aka BR-T

  • Kiki

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great candy.

    Hugs, Kiki

  • Tricia Z

    Wow! This is just great! It would be so much fun to work with these items- thank for the chance!

  • Marley van der Heijden

    Make you giggle ha? maybe my english will make you giggle cause I live in the netherlands so my english is not very good haha! But seeing this candy I will do my bestttt to write perfectly to you.
    I just love it and its wonderfull how you give people the chance to win it. I never won any candy so maybeeee i will be lucky one this time, i hope so cause I can use it.. Im recovering from a car accident i had last friday, and thisss wil make me verry happy BlIJ do we call it in dutch!

    Now.. enough talking thanks for letting me in.
    Much love, Marley

  • Manuela

    What a fantastic candy! Thank you for the great chance to win it. And I must say I absolutely love your work. Your cards are gorgeous.

    Hugs from Slovenia,

  • Petra

    wow what a great candy! thank you for sharing


  • doris

    love it love it! please pick me! greetings:)

  • Jane

    Cor Blimey !!! would love the chance to win that little lot !!! LOL an amazing amount of serious stash Yum Yum. Have a great evening xxxx

  • Mayra

    Pfh who doesn’t like candy? I know I do! Mmm chocolate! oh wait, uhhh Mmm paper…ribbon and stamps! Now that’s a scrappers candy! LOL

    Such an awesome candy giveaway! Thanks!

  • Kathryn

    This is amazing candy Marlene. You are so generous. You must have had an amazing time in the USA. Congrats by the way on your article and all these fabby cards in the September issue of Cardmaking and Papercrafts.

    Kat x

  • debbyscrap

    super blog candy
    je suis francaise et je tente ma chance 🙂
    info sur mon blog ici :

  • Rebecca

    What fantastic candy! I’m so jealous that you were able to go to CHA =( oh well one day …….
    I’ve added a link on my blog to your candy.
    Good Luck everybody!

  • liza wright

    what can i say,but,WOW!!!! So glad you had a fabulous time,and hope you got tonnes of new fabulous goodies to play with,i would love to be in with a chsnce to win your fantastic candy…… to make you laugh….hhmmmmm!!!

    a few mornings ago my 5yr old son grabbed my pj top and looked down it…..then started screaming…..MUMMY YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS,YOU HAVE A BIG SPOT!!!!!!!!! Well im sure you can imagine what it REALLY was,i was mortified and didnt know what to say lol needless to say i think he has got over the shock hehe

    love n hugs

    p.s off now to pop your candy in my sidebar x

  • Milla

    Oh my gosh, you are so generous! Thank you for the chance to win (although I’m not sure this is good for my health… if I’d win, I’d probably die of happiness…!). I’ve posted about your candy.

  • Jane

    What a fab giveaway.

  • Aline

    OMG, Greet Blog :o)


  • stefanie

    Yeah sure I would loooove to win your blog candy! Looks great. Had a laugh when I watched the slice-videos….. but I would scream too if I was there!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely cards on your blog – love to see them.

    And…uh…. please don’t think I’m being rude when I’m not responding after winning your gorgeous candy…… I’m on a holiday in France next week 🙂

  • shortyrose

    Hi Marlene,

    your blog is wonderful!!!
    I linked your candy on my sidebar.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Beverley

    WOW! What an amazing candy! Thanks for the chance to win! Something funny… today I went to meet my friend in Starbucks in a nearby town I don’t go to that town but I had a rough idea where it was, so I get into town & I thought I had better get some money out from the cash point so I went to the nearest one got my money & went on my way. Starbucks wasn’t where I thought it was and ended up about 3 shops down from the bank with Starbucks on the other side of the street. Needless to say my friend was sitting by the window and saw me at the bank & walk off in the other direction, I had gone in a complete circle! Typical me!! It made my friend laugh & I had a chuckle too! Have a HAPPY day!

  • Kastrullis

    I would love to get my hands on this candy, I´m in!

  • Crafty Jenn

    Holy amazing Blog Candy! Did you buy a whole scrapbook store?! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    A little something funny…..

    My parents had cleaned out their garage last weekend and discovered boxes of mine that I had packed when I was younger. Stuff I evidentally thought I’d want to keep “forever”. One of them was a suitcase FULL of New Kids On The Block stuff!! To include 3 dolls still in their boxes! Ha Ha! I cracked up so hard when I opened the case and saw all that. What cheesy memories!

  • trixi

    Oh wow! Just loving your candy, Marlene;so generous! please enter to me for a chance to win.
    Thx muchly,

  • ann

    You really are amazing. I get a regular fix when I visit your blog. So glad you enjoyed CHA and the good company of your ‘northern friends’ You have had a ball! You are so generous to give away such a great Candy – Now that could be my next FIX.

  • Hannah Aitken

    Hey! Wonderful goodies up for grabs 🙂 I am fairly new to the craft scene and this would be a much welcome addition 😛 Off to check out more lovely cards now… x

  • Fiona Duthie

    Wow – how generous of you!!
    Am really jeleous – you girls seemed to have a great time!! Hope Erika behaved herself!! LOL!!


  • gina g

    Wow what a fantastic lot of yummy candy Marlene would love to win this lot lol, your so generous and thank you for the chance of winning . I will put a link on my sidebar. luv gina xx

  • Minna

    Holy moly that is some fantastic candy! How very generous of you. Thank you SO much for the chance to win.
    You are linked in my sidebar.

  • Minna

    Hmm, I don’t know if my name links to my blog.
    Maybe my utter computer illiteracy makes you giggle a bit??? ;D
    Here is a direct link:
    Thanks again!

  • Aline Machado da Fonseca

    Hi, Marlene , I’m from Brazil and I’ve put a link to my side bar, I hope it would count,’cause I thought this is a great and awesome Candy! Yummy, yummy. Maybe my poor English make you laugh at me!!! : ) I’m out of practice!!!
    Well, I’m crossing fingers here, hoping that I could have a chance to win!
    *brazilian Hugs*

  • Trish Lucey

    OH WOW what a fabulous blog you have Marlene,this is my 1st visit and i have now become a follower what great inspiration from your creations.I would love to win all those yummy crafty goodies, thanx for the chance.Sounds like you had a wonderful time and all those new goodies how lucky are you.
    Trish (-:

  • Charlene

    WOW Super great candy. I enjoyed watching all the CHA Youtube videos, wish I could have been there. Looks like so much fun. I have linked this candy on my blog, thanks so much for the chance to win.

    My son (7) was chasing my 10 month old around the house (he’s such a mother hen) I was sitting at the kitchen table watching and drinking my coffee. She’s all over the place and into everything right now. He tells me, “Mom, you need to watch her like I do”. I started laughing it was so cute.

  • Maureen W.

    Awww – you are so sweet and generous to share your stuff! I’m so jealous – wish I could’ve stowed away in your luggage and gone to the show with you… although I guess it wouldn’t make any sense for me to go all the way from Hawaii to the UK just to get in your bag and come back to the US, huh?! Anyway, congrats on winning the Slice and welcome back!

  • Gigi

    Hi Marlene! What an awesome giveaway. Looks like CHA was a lot of fun. Thank you for doing this =)

  • sinikka

    Wat een GIGA GIGA candy.
    Ik sta er versteld van……….en natuurlijk wil ook ik mijn geluk proberen.
    Hartstikke bedankt voor de kleine kans……hoop natuurlijk stiekum dat ik win:-)
    Groetjes Sinikka

  • Julia Temple

    Super fabby Candy! I will link you, thanks for the chance!


  • Gurkiss

    Oooh what a wonderful blog candy 🙂

    This I do not want to miss 🙂

    I have put the picture in my sidebar with a link back here.

    Hugs Gurkiss

  • Claire

    amazing blog candy thank you for the chance to win .

    hmmmm something funny….
    I’m not really funny at least that ‘s what my sisters say, I am funny at least I make myself laugh so I am funny LOL

  • Rachel

    lol thanks so much for the opportunity and for being open to International! We don’t get to see much of the CHA stuff for a while yet on this side of the world.
    Have a great week!

  • Riet

    Ohhh wowwww Marlene,wat een schitterende blog candy.
    Wat staan daar prachtige spullen op zeg.
    Echt om weg van te kwijlen.

    Liefs Riet.xx

  • Helen Royce

    Thanks a lot for a chance to win that gorgeous candy!!!

  • Judith Gowdy

    Wow!! What awesome blog candy. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  • Lovedmum

    What a awesome candy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Polla

    Very nice candy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    My link:

  • Mariska

    Wow wat een geweldige stapel candy Marlene! Wat lief dat je dat in de groep gooit! Ik weet dat de kans bijzonder klein is dat mijn nummertje uit de hoge hoed komt rollen maar stel nou dat dan ben ik op vakantie tot de 17e. Mocht je mij dan dus mailen, en ik zei al dat ik best besef dat de kans klein is he :), maar toch, stel nou dat, een mens doet niet mee aan een loterij omdat ze zeker weten dat ze geen kans maken toch, dus mocht je mij nou mailen dan moet je dus niet boos worden als je niet gelijk iets hoort. Ik lig dan met mijn billen in het zwembad en kan er dan echt niks aan doen :). Wel erg gaaf hoor dat jullie met z’n allen op pad zijn geweest, een mens zou er jaloers van kunnen worden maar ik begrijp helemaal waarom iemand jou graag zou willen belonen voor je geweldige creaties.


  • Jo B

    Wow what a gorgeous lot of goodies, the charms are scrumptious, please add me to the candy giveaway.
    So kind of you and wishing you all good things for you and your blog.

  • Patricia

    Wauw!!!!!!!!!! Wat een super candy Marlene!
    Ik volg je blog al een tijdje en blijf me er steeds maar weer over verbazen hoe mooi jij je kaartjes maakt! Ben echt een super fan van je.
    En deze candy is eigenlijk to much to give away, maar toch heel erg lief dat je dat doet.

    Heel veel succes en ik blijf je blog volgen.

    Groetjes vanuit Nederland.

  • Tracee provis

    MMmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmy candy(oops drooling on keyboard not good for the image LOL)how glad am I that all this contains no E numbers otherwise that ‘candy’ would be enough to keep me dancing for days.

    Looks like it was a crazy time. Bet that poor man’s ears were ringing for ages after.

    would put a link on my sidebar but am somewhat bloglularly challenged!

  • Ingrid Aukan

    wow. me want, yesss.

    thanks for your generosity!

  • Susan Mason

    Wow what a fab fountain of Candy Marlene, definately don’t mind getting a toothache with all this sugar!!! love your blog it is an oasis of inspiration!! Happy Crafting to you Sue xx

  • little angel

    what a generous blog candy! thanks for sharing with us
    little angel

  • rosa

    wow it’s beautiful!!!!! sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall’Italia bye bye rosa

  • Lynne in NI

    Call the dentist quick … me thinks I’ll need him after devouring all your candy! Oh well, at least its calorie free!
    Thanks for the chance of winning!

  • Robyn A

    Wow, what treasures, looks like lots of fun must have been had if these are the examples of what there was on show to play with. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Eliane

    Wow! This is just fantastic! You are really generous!
    Thanks a lot ^^

  • Denise Lynds

    Hi Marlene, wow what a lot of candy. I havn’t been scrapping long but I know Claire (blogsite Silvercustard) which is where I got your link from (have now added you to my favourites). My husband bought me lots of scrapping equipment for my birthday with the message “all the gear, no idea” – I have lots of photos to scrap but am not very creative. I especially like the chipboard album as I have some lovely photos of my son aged 4 dressed as a ninja turtle for a fancy dress party – however when one of the mums asked what he was dressed as it would appear he had misheard the character he was and said he was an “injured tutle” not a ninja turtle – simply waiting to be scrapped eh!!!

    Thanks Denise

  • Lovely Linda

    Hello Marlene from Canberra Australia!! Wow – what YUMBLY Candy…CHA is repsonsible for so-o-o much! LOL! You are very generous to be giving all this away – someone is going to be blessed!! (Oh that it would be me!!

    The first time I won anything on SCS I screamed the house down yelling I’ve won something’ everyone got excited and asked what?how? I kept calling out ‘I don’t know!’ Excitement echoed through the house, especially as circumstances dictate that I am not able to buy any craft supplies for a time!! Last week I won something and everyone had the same reaction ‘ Awww – WHAT NOW!!’ Amazing isn’t it!

    I am linking your Candy to my Blog
    and would love you to visit sometime! God bless you!

  • Deirdre McCarthy

    Wow Marlene – thanks for this wonderful chance – hugs fom Ireland!
    Dei x
    p.s have posted a link on my sidebar.

  • Jilli

    I wouldn’t be wanting to part with any of it lol! Thanks for the chance of winning such a generous candy! hugs Jillix

  • Katrin

    Wow awesome candy!
    No funny story from me, but I promise you, you’ll make me smile for a long while when I win your candy. And isn’t a shared smile the best thing?

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Erika

    Now I’m not commenting for the candy…I’ve got nearly as much on my floor just now…but wanted to join in spreading the crafting LOVE!
    And how many responses!!!
    You are going to have one happy stash bunny…good luck choosing.

    Just looked at the link to MM and wanted to add:

    WHO DO WE LOVE!!!!!!
    (Glad we were the other side of the camera)

  • Stacie

    Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
    I posted about this in my blog.

    Just waking up so the only funny thing I can think of at the moment is one time when I was in college and I was soooooo exhausted before going to bed that after washing my face I went to grab my toner and accidentally grabbed finger nail polish remover and boy did that sting!! OUCH!!! It was the same color and same style bottle so now I make sure to double check everything! Don’t want to put ear wax remover in my eye or vice versa….LOL!!!

    Have a fun and giggly day! 🙂

  • Tanya Sh.

    Hello! What’s a candy! Thanks for a chance to win!


  • Beth/thequeenofcups

    I am such a desperate housewife! This good looking young guy with tons of tattoos kept riding past our house every day on his bike. I began to look forward to seeing him until I was dense enough to shout out “I love when you ride past my house with all your tattoos!” ugh! What a fabulous loser!! Needless to say he doesn’t ride past my house anymore.
    I’m a follower and I’ve linked you on my sidebar too!
    Happy day!

  • Gemma Knight

    Wow, what an amzaing amount of candy! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great time at CHA! Gem x

  • Marie

    I would love to get your candy
    As usually all I get are my daughters leftovers
    scrapbooking wise and foodwise

  • sabri

    Hi, you are so generous! Fantastic candy!!! Kisses, Sabri

  • Lydia

    Welcome back! xx
    Glad you had a fabulous time with lots of craft… and laughter…which is free and doesn’t cost you in excess baggage …like bottles of water do!!! 🙂
    Just off to visit Dad in hosp so can’t stop to add more…but thanks for the chance to win your yummy candy xx
    I follow you anyway and have added a link back here from my blog…take care x

  • karine

    Hé Marlene , wat fijn dat je ons hebt laten meegenieten van je “snoepreisje ” en nu nog eens lekkers te winnen er bij ( jam jam )
    de counter zegt 158 comments , tja wie niet waagt niet wint hé ! 😉

    groetjes Karine

  • Natasha

    Ok – so this trade show you went to is obviously going to have to go on my ‘places to visit’ wish list!

    I’d love the chance to win your blog candy but am not going to try and say anything funny because I don’t think anyone can beat the “poo on the pillow” story!! urghhhhhhh



  • Beth/thequeenofcups

    Oops! I guess I don’t know how to be a follower!!! sorry for being so quick to the draw! I was hoping, though!

  • Alla

    This is realy great candy!!!!! I would like to try my luck!!!!

  • SannaS

    Hi! I love your brilliant creations! and what a candy! Linked you on my sidebar! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  • Nicola

    Hi, Marlene, have missed your cards while you have been away. Looks like you had fun-would love to win your candy as I never win anything! Seems like the ‘in thing’ to do is to do the link thing to my sidebar but I don’t even know what one is, or if I even have one!!?? Thanks for the chance to win! xxx

  • Lainy

    Wow! Amazing candy! I bet you had an absolutely fantastic time in crafter’s paradise. Will look forward to seeing all of your fabby future creations with your new stash. I’d love the chance to win these goodies. I have posted a link in my sidebar. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  • Annette

    Hi Marlene, glad to see you are safely back – missed your splendid creations during your absence!

    You seem to have had a marvellous time at CHA – and now such generosity. Would love to win
    such yummy candy – thanks for the chance.

  • Nikki C

    Hi Marlene,

    You have some fantastic Candy & I’ve added you into my sidebar.

    Something funny … humm… Have you ever noticed how our lovely Men are invincible at times when it comes to home repair .. My guy is very good at it and built alot of beautiful things but when it comes to turning off the power to change a lite switch out there’s a 20/80 chance that he will leave the power running for a while and try to change it with a live current. I swear one day I watched him get Zapped at least 8 times in a row maybe more. There he is saying he’s fine “ZAP” he curses and goes right back in there “ZAP” does a little dance and jig and sticks the screwdriver right back into the box 1.2.3.”ZAP” I’m just sitting there looking at him like no he’s gonna go turn off the power .. NOPE of course not in goes the screwdriver yet again “ZAP and ZAP again” I look at him Honey do you think you should turn the power off ” NO he Grumbles And right back at it he goes” Needless to say he got zapped a few more times did alot of cursing and Dancing and finally when he couldn’t feel his elbows went down and turned off the power. I just stood there laughing because i just couldn’t believe he’d let himself get zapped that many times in a row.. The other day the dimmer was broken and there he is replacing it .. Honey is the power off .. What do you think he reply was … “No it will only take a second to do this”….. “ZAP’
    down the stair he goes and shuts off the power…OMG I just stood there laughing. The things our men do to make us Laugh so hard

    Thanks for the chance and I hope you all enjoyed my little story
    Nikki C

  • Peggy

    This is very nice blog candy. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your blog creations. God bless!

  • Brenda

    What lovely candy. Looks like your visit to CHA was superb you lucky lady. Do miss your posts though when you’re not here. I do not have a blog but would love the chance to win your candy thanks for the opportunity.


  • Yana

    Oh, how tempting! I’ll try my luck. Thanks for the chance.

  • Alysabeth

    Thanx for the chance:o)

  • Stephanie B

    All I can say is Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!! You are so generous 🙂 It looks like you had an amazing time in the states.Thanks for the chance to win! Stephanie x

  • Laura Sydenham

    Wonderful blog candy, very jealous of your trip to CHA you are so lucky.

    Not very good at making people laugh, well not intentionally anyway? so won’t embarrass myself by trying.

    Hugs Lol xxxx

  • Lisa V

    Yummy candy, thanks so much for the chance to win

  • Annelies

    Wow, wat een fantastische candy! Voor een grappig verhaal duik ik even terug in de tijd. Toen ik klein was had ik problemen om ‘sch’ uit te spreken. Natuurlijk wilden volwassenen dat altijd oefenen met mij. Dus toen iemand mij op een dag ‘schoenen’ wilde laten zeggen, antwoordde ik gewoon dat ik liever sandalen droeg. Zelf herinner ik me dat niet meer, maar regelmatig komt dat verhaal nog eens naar boven en ik probeer dan heel ver weg te kruipen. Zonnige groetjes uit België, Annelies

  • Sarah B

    Hi Marlene, This is not for the candy, but just wanted to say your 7 page spread in Cardmaking and Papercraft are fabulous, I love the all, You have a very distinctive style and I have to buy the magazines I see you in, I really hope I can live up to yours and Tiets’ standards, Can’t wait to start designing some sugar, Hugs Sarah B X

  • Alison

    Wow, what wonderful blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Christine (Craftling)

    Phew!! Do you KNOW how long it has taken me to find my way to the bottom of this list of eager-beavers* queuing up for the chance to win your blog candy? My index finger is throbbing from the effort of turning the wheel on my mouse.. those muscles were NOT meant to work that way! I need a splint and a massage!

    Still, it was worth the build up of lactose acid where lactose acid has no business building up, because the stash you’re offering is awesome in the truest sense of the word, and you’re a very generous lady.

    Me? Not so much. Now.. where did I put that ad? The one that says, “Have you been the victim of an injury that wasn’t your fault?” Hmmmm. What’s the going rate for a sore finger these days?


    Chris xx

    P.S. Please note that this word has an entirely innocent meaning here in the UK!!!

  • Agus

    Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Im going to link your blog right now!

    Here is my blog.

  • Sarah

    Wow, what fab stuff!!! You are just too kind it’s mine and Dhs wedding anniversary next week and a lot of the stuff there would be perfect for a mini book I plan to make. Pleased you had a good time, gonna go check out some videos now, youtube here I come!!!!

  • Baukje


    That’s a great Candy Giveaway! I often stop by your blog to see if there’s a new post with a lovely card and now with this Candy I have a chance to say hello and maybe a very tiny little chance to win…

    The video’s are really funny! There is a women in front who looks a little bit sad that she didn’t win the Slice….. 😀 What a great adventure to go on that trip to the CHA.

    Lot’s of love from Nederland,


  • Penny

    Great candy! Thanks for this chance at winning. I’ve posted a link in my sidebar 🙂

  • Donna M

    Hi Marlene,
    I found your site a few weeks ago – LOVE it. There’s so much out there… How will I ever keep up? I never knew that there is so much that I never knew!

    Don’t ya just love laughing out loud at messages? I can appreciate your request. Laughing out loud… It’s a beautiful thing!

    Greetings from Ontario Canada!

  • jo

    You lucky lucky girl – I hear you all had to pay excess baggage on the way home. Way to go!!!

  • Ewa

    Great candy! Thanks for this chance at winning. I’ve posted a link in my sidebar . Hugs from Poland Ewa

  • Kimmi

    Hi Marlene…

    WOW- I’ve been keepin’ up to date with the CHA and Sugar Nellie over on Karens Blog. Looks like you girls had a fabulous time away. Lucky Lucky ladies!

    Thank you for being so generous!

    Kimmi xx

  • Jana-namo

    OOOOOOOOOO what yummies,I like to win very much.

  • Sara

    Hi Marlene

    No wonder you had to pay excess baggage on the way home!

    Lovely candy, lovely blog



  • jillyscreations

    Wow Marlene scrummy yummy amazing candy. Have loved your updates while you have been away.
    I can’t match any funny things already said, but my kids would tell you about my episode today when my real of DST decided to unravel from the middle while i was using it ad got me all ied up in sticky knots. Had the kids in stitches and me spending half an hour trying to real back the DSt so as little as posible went to waste.
    Thank you for the chance to win some wonderful goodies I have linked it on my bog

  • Brookwood

    Oh my gooood!! It´s a lovely giveaway and so generous of you! Thank you for sharing!

  • yelowflower mo

    what a very generous lady you are!!! thank you for sharing your stash

    I was at the consumer show and hardly had any shopping time, cuz like a silly, I scheduled classes!!!! lol

  • Bernice

    What beautiful candy! Thanks for the chance to win some 🙂

  • Annie

    Lovely blog candy…is this my lucky day?





  • Paola

    Hi Merlene,

    wow, what a fab candy!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I’ve added a link to my sidebar.

    Hugs, Paola

  • mamof9

    wow love the candy giveaway, love Paula x

  • Leah

    WOW!! Are you seriously giving away all these gorgeous goodies???? Would love a chance to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

    PS looks like you had a fabulous time at the show!

  • six carine

    i have never seen such a great candy,i realy would love to win this
    but i always wich good luck to good luck everyone..i am not strong in telling jokes so …i posted a link on my blog to so others from belgium have the chanse to win…

  • Victoria

    oooh Marlene what fab candy this is, very generous of you and I’d love a chance to win it.


  • elizabeth

    Hello lassie, jings that’s guid o ye geein awa braw candy, thanks and love your blog

  • Marit

    Hi Marlene,

    Ik don’t know elke keer to write je in english of nederlands???
    How gaaf that you got geweest in de USA… I’m sooooo jaloers!!!
    Bedankt for the chance om deze geweldige candy to win!
    Ik have je candy gelinkt in my sidebar on mijn bloggie HERE!
    Nu alleen have to keep mijn vingers ge-crossed… and hope dat ik funny genoeg ben??? hihihi…
    Liefs, Marit.

  • Vicki

    OMGosh Marlene, did you say you left anything for others to buy at the CHA! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much stash in one picture and that probably doesn’t include whats hiding under the top layer…lol, oh yes, your giveaway looks amazing too, I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Vicki x

  • Natz

    Wow Marlene, you truly are amazing! Good luck everyone!!

  • Nicki

    Oh My! what can i say except WOW!!! this is totally amazing candy, you are a total GEM for giving us a chance to win this fabby bundle of goodies! have added to my sidebar to spread the word, wow would i love to win this little lot! FAB! thanks
    take care

  • kara

    bog candy- yummmmm, just what i need after a stressful morning shoe shopping for my son – he lost his 1 1/2miles up a mountian yesterday. i told him not to run around in the heather and he tripped in a rabbit hole and lost it – but who listens to their mum?????

  • AuroraDawn

    Beautiful blog candy and so generous, I can only think of one other so generous and I can see that you are both friends ….

    I have my fingers and toes crossed


  • Samanta Tancredo

    Yummy candy, thanks so much for the chance to win


  • Nicola

    I have been offline due to a trip to the UK. I am so glad hubby let me come on today and even gladder (is that a word?) to find your candy. I love the stuff you make.


  • Nicky {Minxy}

    You really are a true “sweetie” Marlene, thanks for yet another fab candy stash giveaway x
    And here is a little poem i wrote just for the occassion!

    To give away such candy, i think you must be mad!
    The yummy stash of paper treats and ribbons must be had!
    By me and every other one, who posts here on your blog,
    After counting all the entries you’ll sleep just like a log!
    And then you’ll pick the winner, and that will be just fine…
    I wish good luck to everyone,
    But secretly want it to be mine! lol

    hugs ♥ Minxy ♥

  • jose scheffer

    Can’t say anything to make you laugh right now. Seeing this there aint words enof to say thank you,for giving use the change to win all this.
    If i might win you can hear me laugh all the way from the Netherlands.Untill then I hold my breath and save the laughter.

  • Ros

    CAndy… CAndy.. Candy
    Joke to make you smile

    Children standing in line at school lunch queue.
    At one end is a large bowl of red apples and sign that reads
    “take only one, God is watching you”
    At the other end is a basket full of Yummie Chocolate…. and a note that some one has written
    “Take as many as you like, God is watching the apples”

    Well it made me smile :0)

  • Juls

    thank you for the offer of such wonderful candy, Its very generous of you. I have popped a link on my side bar.

  • Sharon

    wow Marlene this is so fantastic of you to offer such amazing candy. I heard you had a ball in Florida. Erika’s fave M & T was with a certain Mr Holtz.
    Very jealous

  • Katie

    I love this kind of candy….it doesn’t make me put on any weight or rot my teeth!

    What a lovely offer from you.

  • Sharon

    Wow Marlyn this is such a kind and generous offer from you.

    So fantastic of you to have won the pink Slice in CHA too!!

    Watching the man on the you tube clip reminded me of that old UK gameshow when they shout “Come on Down” to one lucky audience member. (It may have been called the Price is Right ?) Thank goodness no-one’s top fell off like I think happpened a few times on the show when some over excited woman would run down the steps excitedly and hysterically waving her arms in the air LOL

    Anyway, delighted to hear you all had a blast and thanks again for the candy opportunity.

  • Andrea

    Hi Marlene, Queen of the most Generous Blog Candies!!

    Are you sure you weren’t on a diferent flight home because you had to charter a separate jet for old your yummy stash?! Perhaps with all those goodies you could build your own plane & fly us all out there next year. I’m sure you could find instructions on the interweb somewhere!!
    To be honest I don’t know what some of that candy is you have on display. But it all looks lush & want it! Is that so wrong? I would have spellt it rrong, but that sounds like an in joke & I don’t get it!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fab prize & the inspiration you provide throughout the year.
    Big Hugs,
    Andie xx

  • Petra

    Great candy!!!!

    Hugs, Petra

  • Jill Jones

    Wow what a generous blog candy Marlene, I have nearly finished my 3years of nurse training (at 40yrs old thats a miracle) when I started my hubby said the one piece of advice he could give was to always listen carefully !
    A male patient was lying in bed with an oxygen mask over his mouth. He is still heavily sedated from four hours of surgery. A student nurse appears to give him a wash and freshen up.”Nurse” he mumbles from behind the mask “Are my testicles black”. Embarrassed the student nurse replies “I dont know i have only come to give you a wash”. Concerned that he may elevate his vital signs from worry she overcomes her embarrassment and sheepishly pulls back the covers, raises his gown and lifts and moves his testicles around. Then she takes a closer look and says “Theres nothing wrong with your testicles, theyre fine”
    The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says “Thankyou very much for that, but i think you misheard me, I said “Are my test results back !
    This was a little story my hubby told me, i hope its not too rude, but it sure made me laugh. And i always listen very very carefully.
    Thanks for the chance to win
    Jill x x

  • sharon hylton

    Wow, looks like you had a whale of a time, thanks for the opportunity to win such fab cha candy.

  • helen

    what fantastic blog candy!!

  • Jeni Slack

    Thank you for a chance to win this blog candy, Marlene! I have it on my page on the leftbar column. Have a wonderful day and I think you’re so talented!! 🙂 best, ~Jeni

  • Adrina

    That’s a really nice and great candy.
    I would be thrilled if I should win it.
    My birthday is next saturday, so that would be an nice gift that should make me smile from ear to ear.

    Wish you all the best.

    From the Netherlands.

    Adrina XX

  • Ria

    OMG how much did you bring home?? what an amazing blogcandy Marlene 🙂 Heel lief van je dat je zoveel weg geeft aan iemand 😉 yummy nonfat candy is good for my diet 😉 hahahaahaha

    hugs Ria

  • Susan W

    Wow – thanks for the wonderful opportunity!
    I had to chuckle at this the other day …
    A recent survey showed that 6 out of 7 dwarfs weren’t happy (Happy!)


  • Vicki

    oh my my my what fab candy you have there Marlene.Glad you all had a good trip.

    Vicki (KraftyKatz)

  • Terry

    Wow…what a fantastic pile of candy…could cause ‘sugar shock’ if won….thanks for offering it and…good luck to all!!

  • Cheri

    Nice CHA candy! Thanks for doing this!

  • Claudia

    Thank you for the chance to win such awesome blog… I am new to this bloggin world and I am so excited to see what the future for the blogging world has to offer for me. Thanks again for the chance.. Have a blessed day. I have also added a pic link on my blog.. check me out!

  • vanessa

    uuuummm…I think I actually gained a pound or two looking at all that candy…nope I lost it again when I drooled over it 🙂 Either way…it was good for me 🙂 thanks girl

  • Alessandra

    Woooooooow!!!!Wonderful gift….

  • CJ

    oooh, lots of goodies! Thanks for the opportunity! Have a great day!

  • Siobhan

    Looks yummmmmmmmm, thanks for the opportunity 🙂 xx

  • Leigh

    Hi Marlene, Erika sent me 🙂

    Your blog is amazing, I am bookmarking so I don’t forget to come back and read. Glad you girls had a great time at CHA, I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t at all green with envy, I am the shade of pinecone bazzil.

    If I win the candy, I am saving the pink pinny for my other half, he will look rather fetching in that while he does the housework and ironing!!

  • bombamagagna

    ciao, grazie di aver esteso la partecipazione a tutti tutti 😀
    ho pubblicato il tuo candy sul mio blog ed ho incrociato tutte le dita che ci sono in casa (valgono le pinne del pesce rosso??)

    barbara e ciccì (e ulisse°°)

    hello, thanks to have extensive the participation to all all 😀
    I have published yours candy on mine blog and have crossed all the fingers who are in house (are worth the fins of the red fish)

    Barbara and Ciccì (and ulisse°°)

  • Andrea

    Wow! Look at all that fantastic candy – I would so love to win it – pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! Typical – can’t think of anything funny to say now, so I’ll just go add a link to your candy on my blog sidebar.
    Good luck to everyone who enters!
    Love, Andrea xx

  • Vixykins

    OMGosh Marlene what a haul! I would luuuurve this candy (as would everyone else!) Good Luck x

  • Beth Gennicks

    oooohhh la la..yummy candy! Ok..I had to sign up for this candy before we leave for Holiday World with the kids (and my hubby thinks it’s real Ok…I’m out the door for now before they kill Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Levina

    ooohhh this candy is so great, thanks for the change to win this goodies.

  • Natasha

    Thank you for your candy!!! 🙂

    Natasha from Russia 🙂

  • Becky

    love the blog candy! Love the blog!

  • ally a

    OK spill the beans, be truthful how, what did you have to leave behind in order to bring all this gorgeous stuff back and how did you get it by the customs officers and can you fit me in your suitcase next time.

  • Jill

    ohh Marlene, what gorgeous stash, thanks so much for the chance to win hugs Jill xx

  • Jan McConnell

    Well I checked and I can’t find my comment, so guess it didn’t take. I have more problems with these being submitted. Sorry if I have missed it. Anyway, I hear all you gals cleaned out Orlando, so it is only fair that you try and send some of it back across the water as we are now desperate for goodies. LOL You are very talented and I enjoy your blog so much. Well there is not too much funny here, except maybe the blog candy getting a “round trip”. Take care and enjoy life.

  • zuila

    Thank you for your candy,Your blog is amazing.Its very generous of you. I have popped a link on my sidebar.

  • Renata Elenbaas

    Nou, nou, wat een lange lijst met commentaar! Iedereen wil wel heel graag die candy winnen. En ik natuurlijk ook! Ik heb een link in mijn sidebar gezet.

    Groetjes Renata

  • Elke Burden


    I would love to win all the lovely goodies of your fantastic blog candy. There are such a lot of different goodies, thanks very much.


    Elke XX

  • Lisette

    That is certainly a LOT of awesome blog candy. I sure hope I get lucky. *crosses fingers* 🙂

  • Jane Johnson

    Wow Marlene what an incredible amount of candy! you are so generous, thank you so much for the chance to win it! To make you laugh I’ll tell you about my little boy who was 5 yesterday. He opened 3 cards first thing that were posted and so each one had money in it. My Mum came round with 3 presents and a card, he opens the presents and loves them, had a little play with them and then turned his attention to the card, opened it and said “I don’t know why there’s no money in it all the others have had money in them that falls out” LOL the innocence of kids! we were laughing for ages and he didn’t even know why bless him! hope it made you laugh too! hugs, Jane x x

  • Sarah ketchum

    What cool candy ,I love candy but don’t win so let me try here,Something funny the other day I was going though my nail stuff there is fake hand in there it to teach you how to do nails my 2 year old son comes up behind me as I was pulling it out look at it and started to cry and ran is his room and shut the door,I think he though it was a real hand .I don’t know if that’s funny But cute it was I had to go get him out of his room and show him my hands .Thank you for the chance to win Sarah

  • Catherine

    GAZOOOKS , holy large number of posts Marlene 😮 (there’s my attempt to make you giggle)! Wow, what great blog candy you have up for grabs too…thank you so much for this chance to win some goodies :)!

    Inky Hugs,

  • Jodi (mommyto4)

    Marlene this is a bunch of fabulous candy and I’d be more than happy to welcome it into my craft room 🙂 (and I’m sure my daughters would be just as happy since they love using all mommy’s goodies). Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Amy C

    So glad to have found your blog! I will enjoy coming back, and am drooling over the lushious candy you are offering.


  • Kim

    AWESOME blog candy!!!! Love your card!

  • Neasa O' Donnell

    Wowee! Look at all that candy! Thanks for the chance to win. Neasa In Ireland.

  • Suzie Q

    Hiya Marlene,
    What super fab candy i would be grinning like a cheshire cat if i was
    “the Chosen one!”
    A little funny for you (genuine)
    I’m not that good finding my way round computers and when we first got one I freaked out that I had to phone the help line ( knowing that i wouldn’t have a clue what they were talking about) any way the guy started asking me general questions to find out the prob and asked “What windows to you have?” to which i replied “Sash windows but whats that got to do with my computer!!”
    This story gets told on so many occasions much to my embarassment by my other half !!!
    I will never live it down – hope it made you chuckle x
    Fingers crossed x and thanks for the chance x
    have a super day

  • Nette

    wow such a nice candy. I linked it on my sidebar. Thank you for the Chance to win it.

    Greating Nette

  • Gill

    Wow wonderful generous candy will link in my side bar.

  • Marian

    Hi Marlene,

    What a fantastic blogcandy!!
    “You’re one of a kind”
    Thank you for the chance to win

  • hayley

    Thanks for being so kind giving us a chance to win some wonderful blog candy!
    I really love your blog and your work is so amazing so thank you for sharing that with us.
    Hope you had a great trip!
    Thanks again
    Have a great weekend

  • tracy

    Hi marlene
    glad you back safely and you had a great time with the girls it was fun reading what you had been getting up to and you were lucky enough to win the slice, what does it actually do are you going to let us know when you get to have a little play?
    thanks for a chance to win
    tracy x

  • Chelsea

    oh Wow! Your Creations are Beautiful!!! I Can’t Believe How Many Wonderful Things There are in You Candy! I’m Giving it a Shot! Thank You!

    Have a Great Weekend,

  • Hilde Larsen aka Tindaloo

    Hiya! Awesome bit of candy u have there! I’ve added a link to it on my sidebar, and I have a little candy on my blog too, if you wanna check it out 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win your awesome candy!

    And to make u giggle I try a Seinfeld quote I find very interesting…:
    Are there keys to a plane? Maybe that’s what those delays are sometimes, when you’re just sitting there at the gate. Maybe the pilot sits up there in the cockpit going, “Oh, I don’t believe this. Dammit..I did it again.” They tell you it’s something mechanical because they don’t want to come on the P.A. system, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be delayed here on the ground for a while. I uh..Oh, God this is so embarrassing…I, I left the keys to the plane in my apartment. They’re in this big ashtray by the front door. I’m sorry, I’ll run back and get them.”

  • Leonie

    Wat een geweldige candy ga je weggeven!! Ik wil het supergraag winnen want ik zie een heleboel mooie spulletjes op de foto!

    groetjes Leonie

  • Lulu UK

    Would love the blog candy – but can’t think of anything to make you laugh!

  • Sara

    Wow what an awesome bunch of goodies, thanks sooo much for the chance to win!!

  • Christine G.

    This is an amazing amount of candy you are giving away! Thank you so much for offering this to all of us! It looks like you had a wonderful time there! My chuckle for day comes from my son. This morning he informed me he has super powers. When I asked him what super power he has he told me he can turn food into poop! Then he grabs his lego magazine and heads for the bathroom! Yep, and there sat his proud Dad laughing and smiling. I told him that it must come from his side of the family! Christine G.

  • Raquel

    Great Candy!!! Ive added your candy to my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Katarina

    I’m not good at making people laugh (except when I make an ass of myself) so I’ll go for luck 🙂 I wrote about your candy on my blog. Thank you so much for the generosity.


  • Bianca

    fab candy thanks for the chance to win

    Bianca x

  • Heike

    Wow, Marlene the Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i’ve linked you on my sidebar…….


  • KriS

    Привет) Попытаю счастье с вами!

  • Wanda Contreras

    This is the first time I visit your blog!!! Thank you for the opportunity and keep the good work.
    best regards,
    Wanda Contreras

  • Sharon L

    what a great chance can’t wait to see who wins

  • yvonne

    Oh my, what a stunning candy giveaway. whoever gets this …. can i have there address so I can make good friends with them.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win … fingers , legs , toes eyes .. arh see thats where i am going wrong, can’t craft like that x
    I have added you to my sidebar!

  • Rufus

    Wow, I am a SO jealous, would have loved to have gone to CHA! If this is the giveaway candy, what else was in that extra suitcase you had to buy to get home?? So glad you had such a great time. Thanks for the chance a few of the goodies!

  • Regina Jones

    oh my what a fabulous candy! It looks like you had an amazing time. Wish I could of went…one day…one day. thanks for the chance. I added you in my sidebar

  • Sammi

    Wow… you are so generous Marlene!! Glad you had a good time away.. thanks for a chance to share in the CHA experience a little bit.

  • Tanya Sarnowski

    Whoo Hoo Candy! I’ll say! It was definetly a smart idea to buy a new suitcase to fill up at the CHA…But I must say the only candy I would have wanted to bring home is Tim Holtz…now that’s what I call candy!!Although I would have to figure out how to sneak him past my hubby and into the craft room.It would be fun to play with Tim!! Talk about having at the CHA and coming home with goodies!!!!hahaa
    xoxxoo TanyaS

  • diana

    wat een gave candy,dankje wel voor de kans om het te winnen.

    hopelijk gaat het nu beter met je.

    groetjes vanuit holland

  • Mia KL

    What a wounderful collection of candy.

  • kobens

    You are so generous!! Fab candy 😀 😀 😀

  • Mel Cameron

    Hello Marlene,

    Very generous blog candy. Glad you had a good time I’ve been looking at your photos it looks a fab place to visit. I look forward to seeing your creations with all your fabulous goodies ~ Mel x

  • Patricia

    Hi Marlene,

    Ohh my…what a fab Candy!!
    Thank you so much for this oppurtunity!!

    BTW Love your blog (this was my first time here)

    Love Patricia

    (doe ik de moeite om engels te praten zie ik zelfs postjes in het Nederlands ertussen staan :O … weer een half uur weggegooit….*sjucht*)

  • malwina

    Wonderful candy! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Paula

    Well Marlene I don’t know how you are going to decide the winner of the ‘funny’ catagory. I’ve certainly had a few chuckles along the way…spent so long reading them all, I got down to the comment section and forgot what I was here for!
    I’d love to be in with a chance to win the candy please??!! I can’t believe you will be able to let it go so willingly!!
    Thanks for the oppurtunity!
    Paula xx

  • księżniczka w kaloszach

    I’d love a chance to win this great candy!

  • Kari

    Wow, what a great candy! I sure wouldn’t mind being the lucky one. Anyways, have a great sunday.


  • Helen

    WOW – that is some stash! How exciting 🙂

    Something to giggle over – a friend just told me “when I’m feeling blue, I start breathing again…”

    Loved that!

    Happy Sunday!

    Firenze Cards

  • Liza

    Awesome candy Marlene, I would love to win all these goodies. Thanks for the chance and I’m off to link now.

    Liza x

  • Daria

    WOW What a lovely candy! Ofcore I take the chance to win that! 😉

  • Finja

    what an amazing candy… hope i’m a lucky one… Hugs Finja

  • terriavidreader

    YUMMY candy. Thanks for offering it! I probably would have overpurchased too with those bargains!

  • Heike

    Oh my, this is such a yummy candy! Thank you for the chance to win this!

  • Lauretta See (LadyPou)

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww what a great candy that is… yummyyyy 🙂 i have linked your candy on my blog. thanks for the chance to win..
    take care xx

  • Lauretta See (LadyPou)

    wowwwwwwww greay candy give away, i have linked you on my blog. thanks for the chance of winning. take care xx

  • Vee

    WOW!!! Marlene such a fab awesome givaway. You’re so generous. Thanks for the chance to win.
    xx Vee

  • Suzy

    Hi Marlene! Thanks for the chance to win 😉 I posted your candy on my blog. Here’s a joke my first grader told me yesterday ~ what do you call a cow with no legs? GROUND BEEF. Hope it made you laugh!

  • Alessandra

    thank for this chance
    how to make laugh you?ahhahahah
    hard to do…if you will be in Italy you’ll do all the time…just because I am funny!!!

  • Clare Tayler

    Hi Marlene,
    Thanks for offering this fabulous candy.
    I’m not one for telling jokes, I can never remember them, except this one which is my favourite.
    What do you call a donkey with three legs? ……………. Wonkey!
    Awful I know – sorry!!
    Hugs, Clare x

  • Louise Z

    What fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 I’m not usually the one that cracks the room up so no jokes from me i’m afraid!
    take care, Louise

  • Chingya

    this looks sooo great!!
    thanks for the chance~~

  • Gill

    oh wow that is some seriously fab candy, glad you enjoyed your trip, thanks for a chance to win
    hugs gill x

  • Tracy

    Oh my giddy aunt Marlene a feast for the eyes thank you so much for the chance to win such delicious blog candy!!!
    Hmmm not much good at jokes but when the boys were wee they would crack up when they told you this one…
    Knock knock
    whos there?
    Bear who?
    Bear bum…..
    tthink it had something to do with the name,lol they would go into hysterics..boys will be boys.

  • Wenche

    WOW! Great blogcandy! Thanks for the chance to win….

  • CharlieDK

    Hi there scrapfriend. JUST landed after two wonderful weeks in Provence, France – sun, wine, pool, cheese, friends, fun, guess you’ll get the picture. But NO PC and NO scrap for 14 days – taking about suffering !!!

    But just back I hurry into your blog and see this OMG – this is just soooo cool.

    Let me add this story from our holiday this year – one of the kind that is NOT funny till afterwards. We were a bit busy before going on vacation – but since we have our own house there and have made the trip a lot of times we told each other – “Don’t panic – if we forgot something we can buy it when we’re there” – this is such a good way to wind down from being stressed and always worked. BUT this year I forgot my drivers license… which means DH had to do all the driving in the rented car AND DH forgot the key to our house – well imagine going out to buy a new house while you’re there – not really a good idea is it. We did somehow manage to get a key from the poolman Thank God he had not left for his holidays.
    Panic only lasted a couple of hours – but GEE – it was NOT a nice adventure.

  • Lynn Speight

    What a lot of wonderful candy…
    I’m glad your back I need my inspiration fix…
    It looks as if you have bought the whole of the CHA…and can’t wait to see what fantastic creations you come up with…

    I can’t do a link, Oh and I can’t remember my http thingy but I can honestly say I always remember my credit card Number…!

    Lynn xx

  • pinky

    Wow Marlene, the blooms are bursting right out of me when I saw this candy and only just making it by the skin of my teeth! Who ever gets this will not need to shop for quite some time. Hugs

  • Susan/Killam Creative

    Wow, Marlene! I found you through Chelsea at Crafting Life’s Pleasure and I am so inspired after poking around you blog. I can’t get into the studio fast enough…

    Thanks for the chance to win such fabulous blog candy! ~Susan

  • Jenny

    Fantastic giveaway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    I love your blog.

  • Kristin

    This is your BLOG CANDY??? Wow, I’m curious about all the other things you bought to yourself! Did you leave all your clothes in order to get it all back home? 😛

    It’s a gorgeous blog candy you’re offering, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for being the lucky one! 😀

  • bev

    I’m way too shattered to think of anything funny to post hun, just to let you know I have (a bit late I know!!!) posted a link to your candy in my side bar x

  • Jo B

    How very kind of you to offer such a fab prize, thanks a million, all the best to you.

  • Maureen Dell'Aglio

    So glad I stumbled across this blog candy! I love to enter the contests, never win, but it’s fun nonetheless!! Like they say, ‘Gotta be in it to win it!’. I love your prize package, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Janet

    Wauw..I try to write in Englisch…
    What a AMAZING look even ritcher than santa
    I would love to win ..I`m also happy with a piece of it…lol
    good luck for everyone..!!!

    hugs Janet

  • Kim Thompson

    Wow what gorgeous goodies you have here. As you probably can guess I came here via another blog and have not as yet had chance to have a look around but please rest assure I will do. Thank you for the chance to join in with you wonderful candy offer.
    Kim xXx

  • Beth

    Ooh I’ve just made it before the closing time – phew! This is such a gorgeous prize – I can’t believe you can bear to give this away! I’m rubbish with jokey coments to I thought I’d tell you a joke I just heard….

    A man drowned in a bowl of muesli at the weekend………………………..he was pulled in by a strong currant! Hee hee!

    Sorry if you think it’s pants!

    Beth xx

  • Vanja

    Wow, Marlene, this is a fabulous candy! Thanks for a chance to win! I posted the link in my sidebar.

    I don’t know how funny is this, but when I heard about unmounted stamps for the first time, I missread unamounted and thought that it means that those stamps are of a such great quality that they can be used so many times that it cannot be Totally silly, I know, but that’s what I thought. I was totally new to stamps and stamping at the time, though.:)


  • Genevieve ( Muscade )

    Hi Marlene, your blog candy is just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win. I post your blog candy in my blog!

    Ge xx

  • Janice

    Wow that is some awesome candy you’re giving away! I am drooling…oh, sorry, that’s not drool. I’m dripping- 100 degrees in the shade today and I have to have “power surges” on top of it!
    Thanks for the chance at some great candy. I have posted a link on my side bar.

  • Karmyn (Leah the Orange)

    what seriously FAB candy, Marlene! i’d love to play with some of the goodies there!

    maybe you’ll laugh at this, because i had a good giggle over here, and it’s nearly 1 am and i could have woken the house up…

    the person on whose blog i found you had a bunch of blog candy images linked in her sidebar. as i scrolled down, i came across a picture of a baby girl, and thought to myself “omg, someone’s KID is blog candy?!” because i’m just THAT tired. 😀 luckily, we won’t have to be calling the authorities on her, because it’s just a picture of a cute baby girl, and you can’t win her by becoming a follower and leaving a comment. hee hee.

    okay, i’m off to bed. thanks for the fabulous opportunity at yummy candy! 😀

  • violka

    I welcome! you do wonderful cards. Also so I want 🙂 Your candy is own on such start. I am finished… writing. I Welcome from Poland.

  • alexandra

    Hi Marlene,
    your blog candy is just gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I post your blog candy in my Sidebar!


  • sand

    thank you! fantastic!!

  • Rialeen

    Wow Marlene, this is some awesome candy, thanks so much!!!

  • Poranna

    what a huge candy! never have I won in a candy play, but wishing is as pleasant as seeing all of the things you want to share, Marlene! Admit it, you are an angel, a fairy or a Santa Clause? :p

  • Wilma Verweij

    Hi generous lady,

    What a lovely blogcandy! I am adicted to candy, jammy….
    Could i be the lucky one….dream…..


  • Joy

    Fabulous Candy Marlene, Thanks for gving me the chance to win it, have added your link to my sidebar xx

  • Sam Sinclair

    If this is how much you are giving away, how much did you bring back???
    You’ll need that extra suitcase you bought to send this to the lucky winner – let’s hope it will be me!!
    Thanks for being so generous and sharing…
    Sam x

  • Gunn

    What a fantastic blog candy!
    I’m still to tired to try and make someone giggle, but I do wich you a wonderful day!


  • sandra

    wow what an amazing candy offer im keeeping my fingers and toes crossed to be a lucky winner lol,

    my funny tale isnt craft related hope it still counts lol?

    whilst on holiday last week we all had a chippy supper in the caravan and i was trying to encourage my 3 year old son to eat more chips so i picked up a big chip and said to him it has your name on it (this is a saying in our neck of the woods that just means its for you)well he spent a while looking all round the chip and when we asked what he was doing he replied “i cant see my name on it” i suppose you had to be there but it was so funny bless him.
    love sandra xxx

  • Asil

    Wow, what a great blog candy you´ve got there! I´m not very funny when talking English (or, I sometimes am – but not on purpose… Guess I´ve got that from my mum who insisted on having “soup ON the house” instead of “soup OF the house” on one of her first trips abroad.. anyway..), so I´ll stop right away.. 😀

    Asil 🙂

  • Artyjen

    Thanks for the chance to win such lurverly candy! Will have to pass on the Mystery Bag though as I can’t think of a single funny thing to say!!!

  • Marie

    Plesae please can i have too.
    i would be so lucky

  • Stacy Cancelarich

    Awesome candy – Yum, thanks for the chance to win.

  • Linda

    Awesome candy! Just looking at it made me happy, love looking at scrappbookingstuff! Have a great monday, and thanks for giving one of us a chance at winning all of this!

  • Kerry (pickle)

    Wow Marlene what generous candy!!! I actually gasped when I saw the piccie. Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time in the states I am green… lol

    Kerry x

  • Ewa

    What a lovely blogcandy! I am adicted to candy, jammy….
    Could i be the lucky one….dream…..
    Hugs Ewa

  • Anne Bélanger

    Wow ! What a beautiful candy ! You’re so generous !



  • Ewa

    please cancel my last post .


    oooh there is so much candy here its ubelievable, if this is just a condensed version of what you brought back then I would love to see it all! lol Happy Crafting! xxx

  • Laurie

    Thanks for the chance to win, Marlene.

  • susan

    i would love to win this! i dont have a lot of the new stuff yet….this is a great gift…

  • LInda

    Hi Marlene,
    What a huge pile of goodies u are giving away.
    I almost would say im not worth to win such beautiful stuff, i just started in the world of scrapbooking.
    I hope my comment is in time.
    Keep up the nice work and i will keep an eye on your beautiful work

    greetings from Holland

    (i hope my english isnt that bad)


  • marcea

    Hi there stranger – wow, loving your scrummy candy…. delish. Glad you had a nice time catching up with everyone. Soz it is ages since I visited – such a bad blogger … oops.
    Ok …. so to make you smile I have a quick story from when I was a student nurse – the mean old nurses sent me to the waiting room to call the next patient ….. Hugh Jarse …… think about it ….. thank god I realised before I yelled it out to a packed room, lol
    Catch you later babes

  • Han

    Fab candy gald you had a good time hugs han xx

  • Denta

    What a truly generous blog candy Marlene !!!Thanks for the chance to win.
    greeting from Israel.

  • moni

    Waw so generous of you, I do not have even half of the goodies you are offering! Would love to win it, I just hope I am not to late! Hugs, moni

  • Elina

    What a great candy! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • 2anges

    wow, it’s so beautiful, a wish win the prise , it’s to cool, i’m so happy :)))

  • annylie

    hello Marléne,it’s a wonderfull candy, you’re so generous!!thanks annylie

  • MikaelaP

    What a great blog candy. Thanks for the chance of winning it. Love your blog! //Mikaela

  • Susana Landaverde

    Wow – fabulous candy Marlene!
    Have popped a photo & link in the sidebar on my blog – thanks for the chance to win!

    I have a Candy too, come to visit me

    Best regards from México.
    Susana Landaverde

  • Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on my SCS Gallery

    Wow Marlene – gorgeous candy. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the running to win it – you are very, very generous.

    Something funny to share: I was in bed the other night and having finished writing my journal, I turned off the light and snuggled on down ready to sleep, when suddenly I felt something small and furry where my feet were. Eek! Fearing it was some sort of caterpillar or spider (or worse!) I leapt out of bed fumbling for the light switch and threw the covers off the bed only to discover one of my 6 yr old DD’s pipe cleaners! The next morning when I asked my DD if she put the pipe cleaner in my bed, she said “Yes, Mummy! I did it to trick you!” Well, I was definitely tricked! Ahh, life is never dull with a 6 yr old Jolly Joker in the house!!

  • Helen

    Thanks for the chance to win your candy. I have been racking my brains trying to remember a good joke or something, but I’ve got nothing sorry…. I hope you get a few chuckles from others.

  • Denise

    How wonderful of you to offer this candy! It’s fabulous!

    My funny was when I’d taken my son to the movies to see “Monsters, Inc” with my sister and brother in law. Now if you’ve seen the movie you know that in one scene the one eyed character Mike Wazowski comes out of the toilet and a piece of toilet paper is trailing behind him as he walks. Well, we’re leaving the movie theater, and I’d stopped at the restroom before exiting and lo and behold….there is toilet paper trailing me as I walk. Of course, my BIL noticed and said it loud enough that a group of teens nearby also caught sight of me and EVERYONE in the parking lot was laughing hysterically!

  • online stock trading advice

    I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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