Candy Winners


My  CHA Candy did finish yesterday, but I was too tired to add it on last night…

But the winners had been picked and chosen.. so without further ado

….. drumroll …..

The random winner of the big CHA Candy box is….

….. another drumroll …..


Whooohoo hunnie! Congrats!!!!  I’m so pleased for you!

Please email me your details and I’ll send the box over asap, so you can have a little play 🙂


I can honestly say that I enjoyed the chuckle bit of my Candy the most..

You guys are too Much! [big 😉 to Gayle & E]

Boy was it hard to choose.. The stories and jokes were fab and they sure made me giggle, smile and laugh out loud.. Purpose Served.

I have chosen the one story that was so familiar to me as it brought me back to when I first got into computer -[back in the DOS days!] and I did make some funny noises that made my kids turn and look at me funny!

This is a part of what SUZIE Q said

Hiya Marlene,
What super fab candy i would be grinning like a cheshire cat if i was
“the Chosen one!”
A little funny for you (genuine)
I’m not that good finding my way round computers and when we first got one I freaked out that I had to phone the help line ( knowing that i wouldn’t have a clue what they were talking about) any way the guy started asking me general questions to find out the prob and asked “What windows to you have?” to which i replied “Sash windows but whats that got to do with my computer!!”
This story gets told on so many occasions much to my embarassment by my other half !!!

Congratulations Suzie, please contact me by EMAIL with your details and the surprise goodie bag will be on its way to you

Once again thanks to all of you for joining in with this candy,

Have a fabulous day,

Hugs, Marlene x


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