Updates & Awards


Hello everyone..

As promised I’m back with the name of the person randomly chosen to receive the above card.. and it is number 76…


Sooo.. looks like the card goes to Canada!!
Congrats hun, please contact my by EMAIL with your details πŸ™‚


Are you looking forward to the new Pro-Marker colours? [all 56 of them!]

STAMPEEZEE is doing a special price for the pre-order of the full set of new ones.. Check out all the details HERE

The pens will be able individually after the 14th of September..

Debbie also got lots of new ‘JUSTRITE‘ stamp sets in that SONIA will demonstrate in the shop next week, the sets will be on display in the web-shop real soon πŸ™‚



Grace, my Stampeezee DT buddy and Debbie’s daughter gave me this gorgeous award, thanks for thinking of me sweetie!


This lovely award I’d received from PATI and quite a while ago from my lovely SN Buddie Β TIETS.. but I never got around to showing it on my blog [shame on me!!]

I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody,

Have a great evening everyone!

Hugs, Marlene x


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