Stampin Up! weekend Getaway


Afternoon all 🙂

Yess.. it’s finally here!

The SU! weekend with Jules’s group, Sonia & me will be setting off to Cheltenham in the next half hour
and meet up with 9 others in a cottage that we’ve rented.
Hopefully there will be alot of crafting done,
especially with the new catalogue being out.. some inspiration will be had too 🙂

Sorry I haven’t got anything to show you today,
will take my laptop but don’t know what the reception will be like there..

Otherwise I will catch up with you all next Monday with hopefully lots of pictures to show you all..
and please don’t be shocked.. as I’ve had a huge change again..
I am now black haired and the cut is very, very short!!!
[Darn.. gotta change that pic again!!]

Have a fabulous weekend all,

Big hugs,



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