Weekend update..


Please meet the Rissington Lodge crafty 10 😉

fltr: Jules, Toni, Jeannette, Sarah Jane, Me, Sarah B, Siobhan, Sonia, Niki and Sarah P

I’m so happy to have met all you lovely ladies.. You all made the weekend fabulous!!!

On the crafting front.. we made 9 cards on Saturday!!
I’ll tell you, I’ve never managed that many cards in one day!
We also made some 3d boxes and a basket, am so into 3d papercraft projects at the moment.. love it!


Above is the card I made for the Shoebox swap,
where I made the flower from the same Stampartic tutorial as before..


I’ve sprayed the flower with pearl glimmer mist but this can’t be seen on the picture…
and if you are going to try this technique out for yourself.. can I suggest some gloves.. 😆


Oh yes.. and incase you are very observant..
we are all in our PJ’s, nothing better than getting inky whilst comfy.. heehee

I promise to show all the other cards tomorrow or the next day.. I’ve got to take pictures of them yet!


We were lucky enough to have some pretty impressive cooks among us..
and I tell you.. we couldn’t go hungry if we tried!! LOL

Sarah P and Sarah Jane made the most delicious cakes [pumpkin and lemon]
then when Siobhan and Niki arrived they presented a huge box of the most yum, yum Cupcakes
[Jules’s big weakness!]


As you can tell.. my diet went out of tha window this weekend!


We arranged for a big bouquet to give to Jules.. as a special thank you for organising the weekend for her Jems..


I think it was the first time I’d seen Julie a little bit lost for words [ahh bless!]

as Jeannette, Sarah B and me.. are celebrating birthdays this month..
the other girls arranged a birthday cake [yep.. another cake!! lol]
and we got card and got ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to us!!!



So as you can see.. we’ve had a real good crafting time.. and like I said before, I hope to be back soon with more pictures of the other cards.


For now big hugs,



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