SOL Update


Just a few pointers for the SOL card tonight:

* You will need to have a few things to hand.. 1. Glue/sticky tape, 2. ruler [cm], 3. pencil and your scraps

* I will start a new post tonight at 8pm with the first clue/hint

* Every 5 minutes I will put another hint up in the same post.. so you will have to refresh the original blogpost from 8pm

* If there are queries or you need help.. just leave a message in that post, I will also give the answers in the message bit.

5 minutes after the last hint I will show my card.. you have all the time you need to finish your card, once done.. upload it on your blog and let me know.. with everyone’s permission I will then add all sol cards made to a slide show and put on my blog.

Can’t wait till 8pm!!

Hugs, Marlene x


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