Happy Valentine..

Happy Valentines Day!

I don’t know if you are celebrating it in any way
but for me the concept of Valentine is just to love the ones closest to you..
your partner, children, family & friends.. there is just something about saying
and no.. there is nothing wrrrrong in that [wink, wink!]

For me this morning started really well being woken with a cup of tea in bed,
gorgeous card [with a heart drawn into a sandy beach]
plus some lovely perfume and a big bunch of wooden scented tulips, totally gorgeous!
I’m really blessed to have a hubby like mine..
even after being together for 21yrs and nearly 18yrs of marriage…
I luv ya babes! xx

My valentines pressie started off last week when I rekindled myself with a blast from the past…

.. a jar of Paper Perfect paste that has been in the back of my cupboard for years ‘n years..

I had one of those scrap frames in my stash waiting to be used aswell so perfect for my Valentines plan..

Using the paste was fun to do and couldn’t believe how quick it dried..
I then made the scrapbook page with photo’s from our Dominican holiday..
Printed a love verse from the internet and added some flowers and pearls.

Once assembled into the frame I thought it looked quite bare so decorated the outside with lots of pearls and flowers too.

You can click on each of these pictures to have a bigger view.


To match the frame I made a card for my hubby

He is not into cute at all.. and loved his card to bits!

Now we have all the slushy bits out of the way..
it’s a day of work for him, maybe some crafting for me
and tonight a nice family dinner for 5!


I wish all of you a wonderful day filled with love,

Big hugs,

Marlene xx


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