Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you’ve had a lovely, relaxing day..
pretty much the same as we’ve had here 🙂

We started off this morning by making croissants, bread rolls and mixed it with eggs and Chocolate!!!
This would be the breakfast recipe from heaven for each and every day of the year!!

Laurelle then went to Church with her friend Alanah and her family [Thx Terry!]
where they had a lovely service, blessing and even an Easter egg hunt!

Yesterday Laurelle took part in the Easter bonnet parade
and as we left it till the very last minute to get something sorted she had to make do with decorating a workman’s yellow hard hat..
and guess what?? she won because of originality!!!! 🙂

While Lolly was away, Cherise and me got our decorating heads on and started on her bedroom.

Why oh why does the paint have to go everywhere from floor to my eyebrows???

Trust us to run out of coffee-liquor colour paint!!!
and we want to finish the painting before the wall paper is put up..
so will have to wait till tomorrow to carry on with our project 🙂

Cherise is thrilled to bits with the paper and all decorations we’ve got for her bedroom so far.
She even made her own pixel art self portrait for her room and I will show tomorrow what that looks like..
It is brilliant and definately a piece of art that will be hers for all eternity!!

For now, have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow …

Marlene xxx


3 responses to “Happy Easter!

  • cherise ashby

    wow that iswow good i dident know that we did that much today !!!!!!!!!

  • Erika

    Good job we don’t live closer my two would have been around for crossiants.
    Decorating is on my to do list too. Enjoy!

  • carole

    Mmmmmm…those croissants look delicious Laurelle…well done on winning the easter competition!
    Can’t wait to see the finished bedroom!!!
    Carole x

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