Pixel Art

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Cherise,
for being so into the hobby of Pixel art and sticking to it!

I always remember me being into cross stitch at her age [12]
where you had to make your crosses on canvas following a pattern
which give you little symbols that correspond with a colour
and when you finish you will have a picture to frame and keep.

This Pixel art is pretty much the same but with little plastic squares..
Cherise has done quite a few of these before
and when she learned that we were going to the NEC show again..
she made sure she knew exactly what she needed to make her next project.

Once at the show..
The nice people at
CRAFT DOOKIT let her be on their stall and she demonstrated for a couple of hours..
like she did last November at the same show.

We’ve got a program where you can get any picture transformed into a pixelart pattern to print
and being off for 2 weeks over Easter was the perfect excuse to get Cherise a 16 plate template.

Pattern, tools, pixels..

4 plates finished

close up.. each pixel applied individually!!

As you can see it is very intricate work, but oh so awarding!

Below is the finished project.. and you can click on the photo to see a larger version.

I’m sure you will agree with me that this is just stunning
and an amazing keepsake for her in the years to come..

I’ll be off this week to have this properly framed
and then it will be displayed proudly in her newly decorated bedroom!

If you want to know more about Pixel Art..
I highly recommend you checking out their
website and be sure to tell them to say hello from us 🙂

Big hugs,

Marlene xx


29 responses to “Pixel Art

  • Dawny P

    Ohh this is just awesome, and NOW it all makes sense to me. Well done Cherise my love, you did an amazing job and sorry if I was a bit thick not understanding it when you were trying to explain it all to me. Marlene isn’t it wonderful when they follow in our footsteps chick. Fabulous work and hugs to you both xxx

  • Elaine

    Absolutely stunning Cherise!
    Most definitely a beautiful work of art to cherish forever.
    What a very clever (and patient!) young lady.
    Best wishes
    Elaine xx

  • Louise

    Wow how fab is this. Brilliant idea – I’ve never seen this craft before -How lovely that you are getting it framed to keep and treasure. Very well done to Cherise.
    Louby x

  • Jo

    Cherise this is amazing, well done, it reminds me of something that I had as a child called ministik, this was a dutch product I think, well it was bought in Holland anyway!! Pixel art I think may be a bit more intricate but wow it looks fabulous. Keep up the fantastic work. Hugs Jo x


    Cherise, this is stunning. What a great present this would make for someone special. I would love to learn more about it. My Hubby is 50 in may, and says he doesn’t want anything because we are saving to take out Daughter to New York for her 16th birthday. I would love to do him a photo of her using this method. Could you E-mail me with some info on how to do it. Thankyou. Love it. You must be very proud of it. Love Sandra x

  • Jo Nevill

    Wow, absolutely amazing. What a keepsake to have !


    Jo xxx

  • cherise ashby

    thannks everyone it only took me a week 🙂

  • Tara

    Well done Cherise, this is amazing and I’m sure it will look wonderful in your new bedroom……. do share some piccies of the room when it’s finished, won’t you?
    Big hugs, Tara xxx

  • carole

    Absolutely fabulous Cherise…it’s just amazing 🙂
    What a lot of patience you must have…well done!
    Beautiful photograph 🙂
    Carole x

  • Donalda

    Oh hon, she sure takes her crafting honestly, such breath taking work. It is just lovely and I know you are so proud of her dear. Hugs

  • Caz

    Wow Cherise, it’s amazing, you have done a wonderful job. The picture of you is gorgeous too.
    Caz & Georgia

  • Toni

    stunning absolutley stunning Toni

  • Pauline

    The pixel art picture is absolutely stunning. Awesome! Such dedication to achieve the end result must have been required. Both of you must be so proud.

    It reminds of something I used to play with when I was a lot younger. There were tiny coloured mosaic pieces that you could place into a plastic mesh board and create patterns, pictues etc.

    Hugs, Pauline x

  • Rach

    oh wow!!! that is amazing,, you are one very patient person hunny… Hollie didn’t even finish the one that we bought last year at the nec, …. she says that it is amazing too.. well done sweetie.. what a fab piece of art.xx

  • Kelly

    Wow, that is awesome Marlene! So patient she is and beautiful work!

    Hugs, Kelly

  • Tab

    OMG Cherise you are so patient and super talented for that matter! Truly blown away by your picture…..Marlene you must be so proud honey! Hope that you both have had a fab Easter, with plenty of choccies :o)
    Big Hugs
    Tab xxx

  • mandy ovens

    wow what a wonderful thing to be able to do.Cherise you must take after your crafty mum, your work is wonderful and a nice peice to treasure,keep it up and now you have the rest of the family to do lol lol.Hope you are ok marlene hope to see you soon still got your shortbread happy hols manders

  • Kristin

    WOW! And you used only ONE week on this gorgeous piece! I’m truly amazed! Well done, Cherise! 😀

  • kim piggott

    Absolutely stunning work!
    kim x

  • Erika

    Wow Marlene that’s fabulous darling, guess she is going to be as talented as her mum then!
    What a lovely art work to keep. xxx

  • Alison W

    I think this is amazing! I too remember doing cross stitch from being very young, and this is a fabulous way of learning that patience and persistence pays off! 😀

    Well done Cherise – an absolute achievement! 😀

  • Joey

    Wowzer Marlene thanks for sharing this is stunning, Cherise has done a knockout job! I dont think I would have the patience. It is a beautiful keepsake. Joey.xxx

  • Kimba-Slydog

    So wonderful!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! You have colored so perfectly.


  • jo

    wow its stunning hun, i only wish i could colour like you 🙂 huggs jo x

  • Rica

    WOWEE – this is absolutely amazing, I’m blown away – congrats Cherise on such a fabulous creation. I have a fabulous photograph of you Cherise I took at the NEC when I get to sort it out, I’ll post it on my blog.
    hugs Heather xx

  • Bernie

    Oh WOW Cherise…this is beyond fabulous! You are VERY talented…no wonder your Mum is so proud….the photo of you is beautiful to start with…and your pixel art is amazing….what a forever treasure this is….i’m sure it will look stunning on your wall! bx

  • mycraftypatch

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! this is absolutly STUNNING 😀 you are one talented young lady, this will look fab in your newly decorated room, a picture to treasure forever. I know that you must have one proud mum.
    Big Hugs Sonia xxxx

  • Elaine

    That’s cool! Never heard of it before – She’s got a ton of patience to get all those into place! WOW! 🙂

  • Alex

    WOW: This is amazing, the results are stunning! I’ve never heard of Pixel Art, but it’s definiately a hobby that requires lots of patience and a good eye sight!

    Thanks for sharing, I bet it’ll look lovely in her newly decorated bedroom.

    Alex x

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