BFF mini album peeks..

Certain crafty friends of mine know I’ve got a fettish for buying bare mini books
with full intentions of using them but they end up piled in a heap in my ‘To Do’ cupboard..
Well.. don’t be stunned but I’m actually in the middle of creating
a BFF one for Cherise & her friend!

This one was in a bag of papers and some glimmer mist..
so couldn’t tell you what brand it is, but it is very cute and dainty.
It only has four pages so I’m making the rest up with transparencies
and envelopes as I’ve got tonnes of photo’s of those two to add.

I’ve made a start with the distress inkpads,
some Studio490 stamps and made the rose from grunge board.
Gone a bit mad with the Diamond Glaze.. love that stuff!!
And gold liquid pearl dotted everywhere..
am so amazed how quick that dries with a few blasts with the heat gun
[not too close or they spread!]

I’m having a day off tomorrow so am hoping to get stuck in!

Obviously I will show here once it is finished!

Have a gorgeous evening all..

Hugs, Marlene x


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