Here is the collage of todays pictures..
we had to compose 3 objects & work with the lighting, settings and compositions.

I choose to use three of my orange wooden tulips,
thought it was very fitting what with Holland going through to the final of the world cup!!
Just waiting to see who they’ll be up against on Sunday.. Spain or Germany.
Regardless, it is gonna be a party in my house as my sister and partner will be here watching it with us,
orange boa’s, vuvuzola’s, the lot!! yay!

Have a great evening!

Marlene x


4 responses to “Three..

  • Erika

    Very apt Marlene…..watching the footy now, don’t know who is going to play Holland, it’s going to be a close run thing.

  • Jolanda Aufdenkamp

    It is Spain who we are up against. I live nearby the German border so actually I’m happy with that. I think Holland makes a very good change to win this World Championship.
    So let’s keep our fingers crossed for sunday’s final match!!!

    Love your pics Marlene. Have a great sunday evening!!

    (the Netherlands)

  • louise

    hi marlene dont know if u remember me it’s sonias friend we have met at her stampin up parties…….what can i say u really have a talent your photos are out of this world……is there no end to your talents take care sweetie xxxxx

  • Melissa

    Hi, I love your pictures, LO’s and cards. You are truly inspiring. I received two blog awards that I’m fowarding to you b/c you inspire me all the time – The Trendy Blog Award and The Sunshine Award. You can stop by my blog to get the images for your blog!!!

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