Catch up.. and sweetie search

well.. never, ever thought my break was gonna take this long..

So I will try and play a little catch up and hopefully should be back in the swing of things real soon
now that the kids are back in school again
and life as I know it is slowly returning πŸ™‚

After our break in Spain I just had time to tidy things over at work,
finish some magazine commissions and pack some suitcases once again..
Jake, Laurelle and me went to Holland for an extended visit as it was my Mum’s birthday and my brother’s 50th,
perfect excuses to go!
As I was going with 2 kids it is always a problem fitting in someone’s car..
so I booked a rental for the 9 days thinking I could go wherever and whenever I wanted to go.
When I came to get all my papers [and driving license] together I could not find it for love nor money
and spend 3 days in total panic with turning the house upside down more than once!
Finally I gave up and was about to cancel the rental when one last look in an old handbag showed my license..
pfewwwwww I’d never been so happy to see a pink piece of paper!!!


The first day [Saturday] in Holland we were lucky enough to be able to go to a
cardmaking/scrapbooking show in Zwolle,
It was totally awesome with lots of stalls,
much more than I expected and a whole dedicated area for kids..
Laurelle was in her element.


I also arranged to meet up with a blog buddy of mine, Renata
who as it happens only lives in the next village from my Mum.. isn’t it a small world?
Renata made Laurelle and me so very welcome and even got the cuttingmats out ready for some crafting..
but when we got talking there was no time for anything else!!
Big hugs honey for making us so welcome and next time it will be for lots longer
so we can get some ‘freubelen’ done and I’ll definately keep you to the shopping trip you promised πŸ˜‰


We stayed at my sister Ingrid house
and everytime we get together we just inspire and infect each other with everything
from buying clothes, decorate the home or even pets..
as a result of this,
five days after we came back we have a new family member of the feline variety…

Meet Eddie [yup, namesake of Edward from Twilight!]

Eddie was born on our wedding anniversary [4th of July]
and we got him on Thursday the 2nd of September,
for a Ragdoll [he is a blue point bi-colour] this is quite early,
normally they go to new homes 12/13 wks,
but the mum had problems and couldn’t look after her kittens properly.
The first day he settled in fine and found a friend/brother in Ollie,

Jinx is keeping his distance..
he definately doesn’t want to get involved at the moment and I’m not forcing him!
Over the weekend Eddie started to be very lethargic
and sleeping all the time which got me everso worried,
all sorts of things went through my mind..
but in the end it turned out to be a bad case of constipation and after he’d done the business he was as right as rain!!

Expect to see lots of tales to follow about this little fella,
he will be keeping me busy for quite a while yet!



You might have seen on the Sugar Bowl challenge blog
that a search is on for some sweeties to join our
Before I show my card with the new challenge that will be posted tomorrow
I wanted to point you in the direction of the
where you can find all the details on applying and I wish each and everyone the best of luck.


The last update for today is about my Garden Studio..
With everything going on the progress is very, very slow,
but have started to move some of my stash already!
I really didn’t realise how much stuff I’ve got..
and am having to beg for some help soon!! πŸ™‚

Move all that to here..


That’s about it from me for now..
I’m so sorry to have kept you this long.. I did tell you I had some catching up to do πŸ™‚

Hope to see you tomorrow,

Big hugs,

Marlene x


12 responses to “Catch up.. and sweetie search

  • Gayle

    Nice to have you back snoeps!
    I’ll coem and help you anytime…you know that!
    Will even bring steel toe cap boots for arse kicking!
    Luvs ya
    G x

  • ~ Ali ~

    So good to hear all your news…sounds like your gonna be busy πŸ˜€ How cute is your new kitty. Totally gorgeous lurvs his name πŸ˜€ Good choice. Hugs Ali x

  • Caz

    Hi Hun, glad to have you back with us. The new craft shack is looking fabby…I don’t envy you moving and sorting everything…but knowing you, you will love every back breaking moment of it. You are the best stash organiser I know.

  • Sian

    Wonderful photos, your cats are adorable, thanks for sharing. Glad you had a lovely holiday and enjoy your new craft room, looks very clean and tidy (for now LOL!)


    Nice to hear from you again hun, that studio looks lovely I am so jealous lol xxx

  • deb

    So glad to see you back hun, Summer plays havoc with this blogging mullarkey doesn’t it? hugs Debx

  • Thea

    Wat een verhaal marlene…ik vind het jammer dat ik je niet gezien heb op de beurs in den bosch…en wat een mooie kamer heb je gekregen zeg, echt super…en ik ben verliefd op je kitten, hij is so cute….fijn dat je weer terug bent in blogland…

    Groetjes Thea

  • Sandra

    HΓ© MarlΓ¨ne! Ik heb je gemist zeg, wat duurde dat lang hihihi! Maar je bent behoorlijk druk geweest en wat een lief katje heb je erbij zeg! Echt een snoepie!! Je nieuwe werkruimte ziet er ook op en top uit, ben benieuwd hoe het eruit ziet als het helemaal is ingericht, dat wordt kwijlen…. :)) Fijn dat je weer terug in blogland bent meis en tot gauw weer!
    Liefs, San

  • CharlieDK

    Welcome back to cyperspace – you have been missed. I always get worried when someone as active as you goes quiet for a long time. Good to see you back and GEE that is one cute kitten for sure.

  • Anesha

    I love your new kitten, he is just adorable!!! Have fun with him and your new craft space.

  • Carole

    So nice that you are back Marlene! Eddie us just soooo gorgeous, you are very lucky having three beautiful cats πŸ™‚
    No doubt your finished garden studio will be amazing!!!
    Have a good weekend sweetie!
    Carole x

  • Joey

    aww Marlene your new addition is a sweetheart so adorable! and that piccy of him snuggling up is too cute! glad you had a great summer. Joey.x

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