Mercia Radio..

Oooh.. we’ve had such an exciting afternoon!

We are finishing the Christmas advertising for the our Garden Centre on the local radio station,
One of the adverts is two children talking to each other about the Santa’s grotto.
Laurelle was lucky enough to be the voice of the little girl part
and was invited to the radio station today to get her lines recorded.

Lolly and Louie, who played to boy,
were fabulous and finished in no time at all..
We all had great fun listening back to the recordings!

After that we had a little tour of the studio
and got to listen in to the live feed with Richie who was presenting the show
Laurelle even got to put on the next record [Lady Gaga, one of her fav’s]

To top it all, Laurelle got spoiled with lots of goodies on her way out,
one lucky lady.. don’t you think?

Have a great evening all..

hugs, Marlene


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