A Jamaican Surprise..

Good Morning!!

As promised I’m back with a post about my ‘Weird’ [and scary] experience after we came back from our holiday

Most of my Facebook friends already heard about it when I was freaking out in live play.. lol,
sorry if you have to read about it again!!!

While in Jamaica, you know.. white sandy beaches & gorgeous views etc,
we found some gorgeous shells and coral [pic above]
that I wanted to do something with back home and I thought it would be a lovely souvenir.
It was the first time I ever took any shells back
so when back in the room,
I wrapped them all up carefully in about 20 bags and packed ready for the trip home.

After all the washing was sorted I unwrapped the shells,
excited about all the things I was planning to do with them..

Imagine my surprise when something just jumped out of one of them
and shot under the guestroom bed!!!!

As I said, freaking out was an understatement..
I’m not screamish at all, but unexpected like that was not pleasant!

I thought it was a salamander at first,
but after contacting the RSPCA [who were really, really helpful]
we found out it was a Gecko and they took him away after he was finally found the next morning!


They did tell me that after all he has been through,
he wouldn’t make it.. too traumatized!
Plus they are not allowed to release foreign animals for health and safety reasons.


Lily of the Valley Candy..

Don’t forget you still have all day today to enter and be in with a chance to win two adorable LotV stamps,
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I’ll be back later today with some cards,
till then I’ll leave you with a couple more scenic pics from Montego Bay

Big hugs,

Marlene xx


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