I’ve been meaning to play along with
WOYWW for a while now..
as I’m another one of those messy crafters
that just love to have a nosey at other peoples workspaces,
just to assure myself that there are worse messes out there 😉

What greeted me this morning was a card in the making,
all ready for me to play around with the layers, finish with shimmer paints and decorate!
I’ll show you the card later tonight when I took some pics of it.

To me, the desk looks quite tidy.. I’m impressed!
It usually is a million time worse than that.. lol


Ollie & Ed

I was in desperate need for distraction today as Eddie went to the Vet,
to be neutered 😦

Can’t believe my baby kitty is growing so fast,
but didn’t want to risk him marking his territory what with his brothers around!

Just come off the phone with them and they told me he was absolutely fine,
but the nurse said she didn’t want me to pick him up,
as she wanted to take him home herself!!.. No Way!


Back later,

Hugs, Marlene x


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