My altered ATG gun

Yayyy.. I’m soo excited to show you my ‘new’ tape gun..

I’m absolutely over the moon with it!

The ugly yellow ATG was going to be white with black and lots of bling,
but after the hubby incident I had to re-think.

My friend Sonia mentioned that nail polish remover might help
to smooth some of the scratches, it did help heaps!

Then I added silver glitter as the texture would hide most of the scuffs..
Any that were still visable I would try and cover with Rub-ons and gems.
Thankfully this idea worked a treat
and hubby is forgiven [for now!]


Isn’t it gorgeously blingy??

After the white and sparkle coats,
I’ve added my name and lots of
swirl rub-ons that I had for absolute ages [TLC]
Then added sticky pearls & gems around
my name, flower centers and base.


Flipped the gun over and carried on decorating..
Because of the texture of  the clear lid,
the rub-ons don’t stick to this part at all!
So I got my big Prima bling Swirls out
and used some bling to spell the word ‘Create’

Once I was happy with all the embellies
I sprayed the whole thing with fast dry clear enamel,
this really gives a fabulous shine to everything
plus it is also an extra adhesive for all the embellishments.

Click the pic below to see a close up of the glittery clear lid.

.. and eventho it is decorated,
I’m still able to see through how much tape I’ve got left.


Quick run through of the materials I used to alter:

* Plasti-Kote ~ white
* Plasti-Kote ~ Glitter Silver
* Plasti-Kote ~ clear Enamel
* Masking Tape
* Sandpaper
* Embellishments
… and a little of imagination!!


It’s funny..
It took me over a year to finally get my act together
and get to altering my ATG gun,
I am now looking around my craft space thinking
what object is gonna be my next victim.. lol

Hugs, Marlene x


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