Circle side step template

This is the template I made for the Circle Side Step card based
on the conventional step fold that can be found all over the internet.
There were too many instructions to put on the template
so have marked them with numbers
and will get to them in the instructions below.


Start with a [approx] 7.5″ circle,
I used the largest grand nestie die,
but you could use a plate or similar to get your circle.

[1] Make a cut line about 2-1/2″ in from the side,
starting at 2-1/4″ and finish at 5-3/4″
Make sure you keep your circle straight.

[3] Score a straight line from the finish cut to the outside,
then a second score line 3/4″ next to the first.

[4] Fold 1st line in, 2nd line up
and make sure the layers are folded straight with the cut line.
It should look like this:

Next we have to find the centre of the whole circle
and the easiest way to do this is to fold the whole 7.5″ circle in half,
lining up ontop of each other, but don’t fold flat just yet.

[5] Pinch both edges of large panel to make the centre fold line,
then open up the circle,
score from and to the pinched points and fold.

You can now cortentina fold the second step by folding down and up 1 more time,
again making sure you line up the edges with the previous folds.
It should now look like this:

Next step is optional,
if you like the ‘sticky out’ bits, you can leave it as is.
Or you can turn your card over
and cut away the excess with scissors

Your card base is now ready for you to decorate how you wish 🙂

Little tip.. speaking from experience:
Practice with copy paper first,
you don’t want to waste your cardstock


For my card I cut a scalloped circle and cut a strip to fit my card front,
added embossed paper and
stuck my image partly overlapping the step and top of the card.
Attached the sentiment to the last step.
Then decorated with lots of flowers, bling and candy drops to finish.


Hope this is helpful to some of you and any questions..
Just shout!

Marlene x


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