A new blog..

.. Called  Paper Papillon..

I have bought my own domain about 6 months ago and it is about time i used it..
I really felt like something new and different..
and would love to find out what you all think of it?!

This post is to re-direct all of my followers that read my posts in readers
and blogroll lists, as this will be the last one that will be updated on there.

Any other links will automaticly be directed straight to my new blog.

There is only one problem with the big move..
and that is that I can’t seem to link back to my .com site on any of the Blogger blogs

If you know of any of answer to that..
I’d be forever gratefull!

Sincerely hope to see you there,

Big hugs,

Marlene xx



3 responses to “A new blog..

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